The Remains Of The Homemade Helicopter

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We came upon (what remains of) this chopper while driving in the city today, and thought we would take a few shots for those of you that haven’t seen it yet. The homemade helicopter sits conspicuously outside the Exhibition Park in Harare, probably its final resting place.

The designer of this helicopter, a Daniel Chingoma, had a dream to fly his chopper one day. Sadly, the dream never came true. The man went on to build another one, pictured on the Zimbojam site last year. We hear the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe wouldn’t let the new aircraft in the air either.

Still it’s interesting what a man armed with a dream can do.

Here lies the remains of an ambitious project by one man...



  1. Blessing Dube says:

    He has moved into politics, he has posters in several public restrooms around the city. What a place to launch a party!

  2. Kabweza says:

    really? rofl on place to launch a party!

  3. goma says:

    some aeronotics indeed, this guy is still two hundred years from the wright brothers

    1. Maxwell Chikara says:

      and where are you?

      1. Cde Bazooka says:


  4. nyasha says:

    Give the man money….instead of Munya, 300k should go to this guy for having a dream and pursuing it. I would invest in his R&D if i had cash.

    1. Maxwell Chikara says:

      True to that

  5. Lloyd says:

    Nyasha, you’d be wasting your money! Only way he’d get a chopper in the air is if you bought him one.

  6. Kabweza says:

    lol, wasparka!

  7. Vimy says:

    Ahhh.. this one is good for greenwood park – the kids won’t tell a home made chopper from the real thing, et least..

  8. Maxwell Chikara says:

    A prophet is never received in his own area….. he better go do it in China and we will flock to buy the Chinese made (but Zimbabwean Engineered)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thats True

  9. Edward mutasa says:

    Good dream .please support the men to market our country

    1. Edward mutasa says:

      Hi maxewell chakara.i’m happy with your contributions.

  10. Clive kuimba says:

    soon myn will fly… but not a chop… mirai henyu muone

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