Pictures: Africom’s new services, CDMA mobile phones and other gadgets

4 years ago 

Last week, we got an opportunity to visit the Africom head office in Harare. Africom staff showed us some of the gadgets that the telecoms operator is promoting as part of the roll out of the new voice and data services. The gadgets are available for sale at the Africom shops and the company says it is working to establish reseller partners in the country. We took a few photos of the gadgets.

Here are the pictures (we have included the prices, where we could them, for the rest, we suggest calling Africom and finding out):

Part of the Africom Showroom for the new services
The main gadgets: a CDMA Desk phone, a WiMax indoor unit, a Modem, a basic CDMA phone and some CDMA smartphones
A basic LG CDMA mobile phone. Africom is selling this phone for US $75.00. Pricey for an entry level phone. It’s Africom’s lowest priced phone.
Some CDMA Smartphones. We're not sure why Africom is exhibiting (or selling) an HTC Sprint mobile phone. The price tag on this one was US $632.50
The Nokia 8208 CDMA mobile phone. This one is going for US $287.50 (Africom price)
A WiMax indoor unit. Quick to setup Wi-Fi solution for small office and home customers
The ZTE AC2746 data modem. Going for US $80. Quite pricey for just a modem

Ok, so there you have it. We’d love to know your thoughts on the gadgets. please share in the comments below.