The 2011 ICT Achievers Awards ceremony (pictures)

As you may know, the ICT Achievers Awards were held recently. We have posted a couple of stories about them here and will be posting more in the coming days. In the meantime, we have posted pictures of the event to our Facebook Page and we thought we would share that with you here.

We post below a few photos as well so that this article doesn’t look too short. Remember to check out the full album on the Facebook Page, and is you don’t already ‘like us‘, what better time to do that than now.

All pictures posted here and on Facebook have been provided us by Albert Madore.

COMSA Chairman and CSZ President, Atwell Mukusha, speeaks at the ceremony. Mukusha is this year's runner up for Top ICT Business man of the year.

Chogugudza Primary School representative displays the award for Top ICT Rural school of the year

Paul Nyakazeya receives award at Top ICT Journalist award

Tawanda Chikosi (Electronic Systems) is presented with an ICT Achievers award by the Zim PM

Caroline Chirima (Baztech Incorporated) receives award for Top ICT Businesswoman of the year

Top ICT Businessman Lovemore Mukono (Mukonitronics, SETA Foundation) receives award from Zim PM Tsvangirayi



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