Liquid Telecom’s updated terrestrial fibre map [Africa]

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Three days ago Liquid Telecom announced the acquisition of telecom assets in Eastern Africa belonging to Altech. According to Liquid, the additional terrestrial infrastructure resulting from the acquisition makes the company the owner of Africa’s largest single fibre network, which is quite significant for the Nic Rudnick led company.

Liquid has since published the updated map of its fibre network and we thought we’d share it here below. According to a contact at Liquid, the Dark pink lines represent Liquid Telecom’s own fibre or IRUs. The light pink lines represent fibre leased from other operators. Essentially Liquid’s own fibre spans South Africa, a bit of Lesotho, bit of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC, Kenya, and Rwanda and Uganda.

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  1. Tapiwa ✔ says:

    Dark pink lines represent…

    I believe the colour is more formally known as magenta</nitpick>

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