Breaking News – Telecel forced by regulator to stop Mega Bonus and other promotions

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Local mobile operator Telecel has just sent a message to its subscribers announcing that it will be stopping its Mega Bonus offer and other promotions until further notice.

The message reads,

Dear customer due to a regulatory directive, we have stopped mega bonus and other promotions, until further notice. Apologies for the inconvenience caused


The Mega Bonus is one of the most recognisable promotions in local telecoms and is Telecel’s signature offering having been around for over 6 years (remember the Mega Juice card).

Telecel and its competing mobile network operators have offered subscribers discounts on voice, SMS and broadband services through promotions that last for extensive periods due to continued renewal.

These promotions and bonuses have provided subscribers with a cushion against the high cost of mobile telecoms services. They are, however, subject to approval from the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ as they contradict gazetted tariffs.

A few days ago, another mobile operator, Econet, also announced that it would be terminating some of its promotions after failing to get regulatory approval to continue them. Just like the Telecel suspension, there was no explanation for POTRAZ’s directive.

If Telecel’s promo and bonus suspensions are also followed by NetOnes suspension of its years old Dollar a Day promo this could be POTRAZ applying a fair set of rules to all operators.


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  1. mdulababy says:

    its about revenue collection by government. Its so desperate that things are just going to get worse

  2. Pastor Muchaneta Zvenyu says:

    Supa and his fellow Zanuoids are the ones fucking up Zimbabwe left right and center. They bought telecel as govt to make it run at a loss and then resale it to themselves {privately} and make money. Zim is run by cruel wicked men including that old man

    1. KG says:

      This is the story for Zim for the last 20 – 25 years. Reminds me of this movie called the Hudsucker Proxy.

  3. drush says:

    And the Mass suffers…

  4. Muzukuru says:

    No number portability, no 7X promotion, no mega bonus. What is this stupid government doing? It seems like they are racing to the bottom.

  5. man Fidza says:

    that last paragraph should not be like this,”If Telecel’s promo and bonus suspensions are also followed by NetOnes suspension of its years old Dollar a Day promo this could be POTRAZ applying a fair set of rules to all operators”.It should be like this,”if the government is to be fair to all operators then must end all promotions including Netone’s promotions”

  6. tend says:

    hehehe, ” forward never – backwards ever”!!!!

  7. Crazy Me says:

    Well one word for this government… FAILURES… I mean why do they do these things>>>..

  8. 45 says:

    Apa ndanga ndakaVhurira ziso Kwese tv

  9. Muvengi We Zanu says:

    Seems to me like an attempt by gvt to make communication difficult. Doesnt make sense from any economic or regulatory standpoint. Stupid government.

  10. Trey says:

    Whats the rationale behind POTRAZ terminating these promotions?? Did you reach out to them for comment??

  11. ZIMYAFA says:


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