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I always wondered why people used the Total Smart Card to buy fuel for their cars. To be honest, I thought it was a futile attempt to show status. Of course if you are a business owner or have the buying decision in any organisation, the Total Smart Card has always made sense. This is true if your business has a fleet of cars or even just one car, or just a scooter. The card allows you to be in much more control of your resources.

The card allows you to monitor and manage fuel consumption. You get detailed reports on consumption, your fuel efficiency per 100km, anomalies on usual patterns etc. To me this always made sense to businesses and yes, even those that have only one vehicle. I just wasn’t too keen on the idea of going through the semi manual way of funding the card through RTGS and it’s cousins. Businesses can afford to go through such hoops because there is so much value in the card for them.

Now, Total has made it easier for people like me who move around life looking for convenience in everyday things. If it’s too much work I will probably pass no matter the benefits (up to a point of course). The Total Smart Card can now be funded completely online and through multiple payment options.


Total has partnered with TopUp to make life easier for some of us. TopUp is of course the payments platform from Webdev. The payments are powered by PayNow meaning you can use your usual mobile money or debit card.

All you need to do is to go to where you will enter the card number and the amount you wish to top up onto the card. You then select method of payment which for most of us is mobile money isn’t it? After that you just finalise the transaction. Final steps differ depending on payment method used.

Why should you have a Total card, let alone load money onto it? Besides the control this gives you on your fuel spend, the card shields you from the increasingly often interrupted service for bank cards and mobile money services.

Most of the benefits of using the Total Smart Card remain to be enjoyed by businesses. Different drivers can be issued with different cards which can have set maximum purchases or even set to only work in specific geographical locations. Fleet management looks fairly easy on paper until it becomes your job. With the Total Smart Card the job just got easier.

Total Zimbabwe is the country operation of Total S.A, a French multinational integrated oil and gas company. In Zimbabwe it focuses on the retail of fuels of Petrol engines and diesel engines, domestic fuels (paraffin), aviation fuels and automotive lubricants. Read More

Paynow is Zimbabwe's most popular online payments service. The platform is popular for allowing Zimbabweans to pay for things online using Mobile Money (EcoCash and Telecash). Read More

TopUp is a internet based electronic payments aggregator which allows Zimbabweans to pay for local bills and other services online. It is operated by Paynow. TopUp includes payments for mobile phone airtime, City of Harare bills, ZESA electricity tokens, TelOne ADSL internet, ZOL internet, Total Fuel card topups, Netflix subscriptions, TelOne Voice, Telco internet subscriptions, Africom, UMax and other services. Read More

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