15 Jul 2015

Are you an entrepreneur? Here’s why you should attend the Broadband Forum

Now that the internet is available, there is need for startups to understand how the opportunities that come with it can be exploited successfully into profitable businesses. The Broadband Forum will provide a platform for aspiring startups to learn from testimonials of successes like Mark Essien’s Hotels.ng in tourism and Emma Kay bringing bozzi.mobi online.


What sort of drone regulations should we expect for Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is set to introduce its own set of drone regulation before the end of the year. This follows the increased use of this form of technology. We have seen some drone legislation being introduced in South Africa, the question though is whether most or all of it will be adapted to the Zimbabwean environment by our own regulator and lawmakers.

17 Jun 2015

Google wants you to have a faster web experience with this browser

At its recent I/O Conference, Google announced the Google Web Light browser, a still-under-test version of the standard browser that offers faster web experiences for users in markets where there are slow internet connections. It’s being aimed at emerging markets which rely on 2G and 3G connections, and its set for India and Brazil first. Oh, it only works on Chrome and on Android devices.


Isn’t it time Zimbabwe took a tougher stance on porn?

It would seem that the dark side of tech in the form of things like porn has had a clear effect on children. Isn’t it time for national law to be drafted to ban pornography or to at least start regulating it in a clearer way? It’s already illegal, but there is no legislation against accessing it. So perhaps, banning access to certain sites would work.

18 May 2015

Africom kicks off WiFi campaign, throws in free access to WhatsApp, 6GB for $6

It’s funny how a loud campaign from a single service provider can bring out a lot of aggression from the competition, especially where the opportunity for added revenue streams is made apparent to everyone concerned. I’m referring to WiFi promotions that are now being pushed by every provider who has them. Ever since TelOne opened […]

15 May 2015

Econet offering free 640 MB, discount of up to 25% if you’re browsing on its WiFi Zone

Mobile data is expensive and there’s nothing that can be done about it in the short term. Let’s not flood the regulator, POTRAZ, with our complaints. Our best bet is in the shift in economic conditions that might get operators to angle for our money with promos and discounts. But this doesn’t seem to happen […]