13 May 2015

Understanding that awful internet speed: Why am I not getting what I paid for?

It’s 2015, so the conversation around the availability of the internet in Zimbabwe is not so different from what you get in any other part of the world. Almost half of the population has access to an online connection. Current and potential consumers of internet services talk about the same things and ask the same questions […]

8 May 2015

Local IAP Telco rebrands, offers WiFi hotspot access at 50c & a $35 home package

In our most recent review of local broadband prices, Telco, another internet access provider which provides Fibre and WiMAX solutions wasn’t part of the list. No information was available on Telco’s product suite at the time because the IAP had been working on a product and price review. Now it looks like Telco is through with its […]

ZOL Zimbabwe introduces Pay As You Go service with a $9 package

Internet connections in Zimbabwe are made predominantly from mobile devices, so it’s no surprise that the different internet service providers we have are tapping into that market with on-the-go solutions. ZOL is playing the same game. Besides its use of widespread WiFi hotspots that now have to be paid for, it recently introduced a Pay […]

6 May 2015

ZOL’s free WiFi is no more. New prepaid prices start at 5GB for $15

So the problem with “free” is that after your customers have enjoyed it for a while, whatever adjustment you make to the price, however cheaper it is than your closest competition, if it’s not free, you’re going to make a lot people unhappy. ZOL will be announcing tomorrow that their free ZOLSpot WiFi is finally coming to an end. […]

Looking for home security, a fire alarm or a FWT? NetOne now has these solutions

That headline sounded a lot like some early 2000s cheesy advert, but there just isn’t any other way to put it really. NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator, is on the brink of launching two new products. Just like what we have seen with the strategy to lure more subscribers, It’s really hard to […]

Hope for Telecel as its foreign investors set for meeting with Minister of ICT

In a little under 4 weeks, the month of May draws to a close. There’s nothing significant there, that’s how the calendar works. But for Telecel Zimbabwe and it’s 2.1 million subscribers, 1,000 employees and slew of other stakeholders those days could just be the mobile operator’s last ones. Or are they? At a Parliamentary […]

3 May 2015

Salvaging the Telecel wreckage, NetOne offers subscribers option to retain number

It’s only been a few days since word got out that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, had given Telecel, the country’s third-largest mobile operator, 30 days to shut down operations. It didn’t come as a shock, this move had been exposed by the Minister of ICT a while ago. Another thing that’s not shocking though, is […]

29 Apr 2015

Here’s Telecel Zimbabwe’s statement on the cancellation of its licence

Earlier today we wrote about the notification issued by local telecoms regulator POTRAZ, to mobile network Telecel Zimbabwe advising it of the cancellation of its licence. Telecel has since issued a statement calling the action unfair and stating that it will take the necessary steps to ensure the maintenance of services. We haven’t received any […]

What sort of chances does TelOne have with its Metro Wi-Fi?  

At the 2014 Broadband Forum, the conclusion was that the next frontier in broadband is retailing broadband right to the doorstep. Various ISPs made noise about FTTH promising to deliver services such as IPTV. Competition seems to be heating up with emerging solutions being rolled out including TelOne FTTH and ZOL Fibroniks. It’s even more […]

24 Apr 2015

How the Econet device fire sale is actually a great thing for the operator

Econet is selling $24 smartphones. So what, big deal. It’s probably just another case of aggressive retail tactics in an extremely challenging market. The logic behind this seems pretty obvious. We know that the only a few other things, like pop music hits and yesterday’s news outpace mobile phone tech in terms of losing relevance […]

22 Apr 2015

It’s Mobilegeddon!..but what does Google’s action on mobile sites mean for Zim?

The world or the internet isn’t over, but the big event in web this week that set off some sort of panic, Mobilegeddon, has finally happened. Just like the world’s most prominent search engine, Google, promised months ago, it has changed its search algorithm to suit mobile friendly sites. This simply means that over the next week, […]

21 Apr 2015

As voice continues to die, it seems like WhatsApp calling is a problem after all

When the WhatsApp calls feature was activated this year two things that everyone had been expecting for over a year happened. Firstly, subscribers to the insanely popular platform were excited that VoIP was being integrated into the main communication platform. At the same time, a cloud of uncertainty gathered over mobile network operators’ voice model. […]

21 Apr 2015

It’s not just Econet that’s playing doctor, NetOne is getting into medical services

In the delivery of new services for the telecoms industry, operators hardly come up with new ideas, they just steal source inspiration from competitors. The real winners just know how to modify their own offering. The same approach has also been used locally. Just take a look at the latest news on a new service […]

20 Apr 2015

As Vic Falls gets TelOne WiFi and Liquid Fibre, will it become a tech hotspot?

Last week a lot of discussions on tech came out of Victoria Falls when it hosted the Innovation Africa Digital Summit (IAD). That’s pretty common; the resort town is the go-to destination when we want to charm and disarm any army of international delegates at a conference. Besides the summit itself, the other tech highlight […]

20 Apr 2015

Want the latest information on Zim telecoms? Here’s the POTRAZ Report

For close to a week now we have been mentioning the latest report to come from Zimbabwe’s communications regulator POTRAZ. Until today, we hadn’t received the official document and had been relying on detailed highlights and extracts. In articles published recently, we have run through some of the major highlights, which include the latest figures […]

17 Apr 2015

Reality Check: Myths about the digital broadcasting regulation in Zimbabwe

After the highly informative and enlightening discussions and presentations that I witnessed at the Digital Future Conference I am still in shock at the reality on the ground. The reality being that our “Digital Guru’s” are generally not aware of the legal issues relating to broadcasting in Zimbabwe. It was interesting to note that there […]

17 Apr 2015

IAD Summit, Fibre in Vic Falls, NetOne, the latest POTRAZ Report: Weekly Podcast

What’s the latest on porn in Zimbabwe? Do we have the right legislation for social media? What is being done regarding a tech startup culture and are the right efforts being made by the right people, after all has been said? That’s just some of the content we went through in this week’s edition of […]

16 Apr 2015

Victoria Falls residents receive Fibre to the Home courtesy of Liquid

ZOL Fibroniks is now looking beyond Harare. According to a press release from the Liquid Telecom website, (Liquid is the fibre infrastructure concern that owns the Internet Service Provider ZOL Zimbabwe), work has already started to introduce a Fibre to the Home service in the resort town of Victoria Falls. Liquid Telecom has already laid fibre rings […]

15 Apr 2015

Zim telecoms stats from POTRAZ show decline in mobile revenue, internet penetration

  The national economy is in a really bad state, and it’s not surprising that those nasty effects are now chewing into the telecoms sector in a big way. A report published by FinX quotes the most recent Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) Sector Report which has key highlights for the fourth […]

14 Apr 2015

The realities of porn in a digital world: What should be done in Zim?

Yesterday,the news coming out of the United Kingdom  was that revenge porn had been officially classified as a crime with legislation passed that can see offenders who break this new law face up to 2 years in prison. Revenge porn is when an ex lover shares any sexually explicit content with your image (pictures, videos) […]

10 Apr 2015

Weekly Podcast : Powertel & Africom promos, TelOne Fibre, The Source & Tidal

It’s been a while since we had the standard weekly podcast, something that was only remedied by a lot of other interviews and discussions that we shared over the past couple of weeks. Nevertheless, you can check out our latest banter on the hottest trending topics in local technology. In this episode, we talked about […]