Computer-assisted crime and the state of preparedness of Zimbabwe’s law enforcement agencies

3 years ago 

OK, so we have had so many presentations, seminars, conferences, speeches etc. covering the highly topical issue of Cybercrime. Experts have explained and decrypted the What’s, How’s, Where’s and Why’s of cybercrime at many a fora and delegates have left the functions seemingly better enlightened and more prepared. But have we really talked about what is happening on the ground in Zimbabwe? Do we know who police’s the cyber world and what happens to cybercriminals? Do the Zimbabwe security forces actually even have provisions for cybercrime in their portfolios?

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe brings you a first for its members:
The ZRP will be presenting at our next function, talking about cybercrime in a much closer-to-ground perspective. We will be hosting Detective Assistant Inspector Tom Muleya and Superitendent Ndabezinhle Moyo both being widely experienced and heavily involved in the identifying and combating of cybercrime in Zimbabwe.

Come to this different and exciting event to learn more about our vulnerabilities, ways of safeguarding and current ZRP cybercrime-related initiatives from the security forces themselves. Use this platform to also give your own views and perspectives on how this key issue should be addressed in Zimbabwe. And, if you are a cybercriminal, maybe it was about time you found out what will happen to you in the near future when these powerful forces catch up with you!


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