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The Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services is organising the e-TECH AFRICA 2014 EXPO conference and exhibition scheduled for 11 – 14 March 2014 in collaboration with its strategic partners.

The theme for this year is “Promoting Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth Through ICTs”.

The conference will run parallel to the exhibition. The event is expected to bring a wide range of ideas, opinions, perspectives, research findings and expertise to expand knowledge frontiers for sustainable growth and development through ICTs. The event is also expected to draw people from the ICT Industry, civil society, academia and government to a discussion platform for national development. The e-TECH Africa 2014 Conference and exhibitions will provide a platform for creating awareness about the opportunities, challenges and benefits derived from the adoption of ICTs in Africa as well as initiate practical measures needed to extend the ICT reach.
The exhibitions and conference will also explore the enabling role of ICTs in the development of African countries.

Objectives of the conference
The general objective of the e-TECH Africa Conference is to arouse the interest of the Zimbabwean population in the use of ICTs for a successful transformation of Africa from an agricultural society to a knowledge society. In line with the African Regional Action Plan on the Knowledge Economy (ARAPKE), the Conference is expected to:
a. Promote the right of all to have equal access to ICT value added services and to experience the advantages of using technological services
b. Develop, maintain and stimulate people’s curiosity, interest and enjoyment in ICTs
c. Promote the acquisition of appropriate technological skills, concepts, principles, methods and vocabulary
d. Leverage ICTs as a tool for socio– economic development especially in developing countries.
e. Attract more and new investments in the ICT sector
f. Bridge the digital divide.
g. Promote business linkages and partnerships.
The thrust of the conference is therefore to explore how ICTs can accelerate Africa’s developmental agenda and in the process transform Zimbabwe into a knowledge based society.
Conference Agenda
The conference will be characterised by key presentations followed by panel debates that will discuss how ICTs can be exploited to support sustainable economic development. Presentations and panel debates will focus on what can be done to sustain or speed up the developmental pace and close the ICT gap still exists particularly at national level and in Africa. It is therefore expected that key presentations will be made in and around the following areas:

• Building a Knowledge and Information Society
• Research and development in ICT’s
• ICT’s in Health and Agriculture
• ICT’s in Tourism and Entertainment
• Building a vibrant ICT industry
• The need for a well regulated ICT environment
• Bridging the digital divide
• The potential of ICT’s for sustainable growth
• Cyber Security & Cyber Ethics
• ICTs for Poverty Alleviation and Community Development
• Impact of e-Government on National Development
• E-learning for a developing economy
• Green Computing
• Cloud Computing
Management of the Conference

MICTPCS will use all their instruments, including regional meetings and conferences to publicise the objectives and activities of the e-TECH AFRICA EXPO 2014 Exhibition and Conference.

Promotion of the e-TECH AFRICA EXPO 2014

MICTPCS will use all their instruments including regional meetings and conferences to publicise the objectives and activities of the e-TECH AFRICA EXPO 2014 Exhibition and Conference.
Expected outcomes

It is hoped that through this conference and exhibition:

  • ICT enabled development initiatives will be put on the agenda of different organisations.
  • Participants will have a deeper appreciation of the role of ICTs in socio – economic development.
  • Students will be enlightened on the different entry paths to the ICT industry, the full range of career options available and the qualifications or skill set required.
  • Local ICT Industries will be further enhanced through business Engagement and partnerships

• Four days ICT exhibitions
• A two day ICT conference
• One-and-half day career guidance

• ICTs in Industry and Commerce
• ICTs in Agriculture and Environment
• ICTs in Education, Health and Tourism
• ICTs in Community Development

In view of the above, the Ministry is inviting interested participants to submit papers in line with the above subtopics.


For more information please visit http://www.etechafrica.co.zw/ or email:  gchingonzo@ictministry.gov.zw or bmhonderwa@ictministry.gov.zw

Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Arlene Wilson-Max Event Coordinator +263 4 747755 Harare Zimbabwe
Cosmas Chigwamba Principal Director +263 4 792820 Harare Zimbabwe
Georgina Chingonzo Acting Director MICT +263 4 705272 Harare Zimbabwe


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