Who are we kidding, Zimbabwe isn’t ready for smartphones in schools

Recently the Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, stated that the Ministry has allowed smartphones in Zimbabwean schools on the reasoning that these devices can be used for research. While these capabilities might be undisputed, there are other serious consequences that the State is not considering. The reality is, we are not ready for a national rollout of smartphone use in Zimbabwe.

2 days ago

POTRAZ, Facebook Africa, Tonight with Zororo, Zimpapers Digital, Africabookings – Podcast

Here is the latest edition of the Techzim podcast. In this episode issues discussed include the dismissal of the POTRAZ board, the revenue Zimpapers is harvesting from digital media, Telecel’s fight for survival, a local startup called Africabookings that’s securing funding, Facebook in Africa and the implications of this as well as the Tonight with Zororo show launching on YouTube as opposed to the ZBC route.

5 days ago

Telecel continues to put up fight for survival, pays POTRAZ’s licence installment

In an interesting development Telecel has issued a statement assuring subscribers and stakeholders that they have met the June installment for the Licence Renewal Agreement with Government. This installment is part of the money that will go towards a 7 year plan to satisfy the $137,5 million required for a Mobile Network Operator’s licence.

2 Jul 2015

Hour Of Code Zim event scheduled for the 4th of July; why should we care?

There will be another Hour Of Code Event at Hypercube in Harare on the 4th of July from 9 am. This is an opportunity to learn and teach people how to code and improve your literacy. These sort of initiatives are very important in the digital economy and probably deserve more attention than the introduction of Swahili and Chinese in the learning curriculum.

2 Jul 2015

Another Zimbabwean platform, Save Mari, enters the online classifieds market

There is a new e-commerce player in town; Save Mari. It is an online platform were Zimbabweans can market and advertise goods. This is another attempt at penetrating the online classifieds market. While this is admirable, Save Mari has things that it needs to figure out before it makes an impression in this field.

What sort of drone regulations should we expect for Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is set to introduce its own set of drone regulation before the end of the year. This follows the increased use of this form of technology. We have seen some drone legislation being introduced in South Africa, the question though is whether most or all of it will be adapted to the Zimbabwean environment by our own regulator and lawmakers.