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If you are an admin of a group which you want us to list here (programmer group, Linux Admin, startup, smartphone repairs, designer group etc…) use the contact form below.

Name of GroupWhat Members discussLevel of ActivityAdmin NumbersCategory
Techzim Podcast & NewsAll things techVery High+263 784 974 362

Techzim Podcast & News AAll things techAverage+263 784 974 362
Techzim Podcast & News BAll things techLow+263 784 974 362
Techzim Podcast & News CAll things techAverage+263 784 974 362
Techzim Podcast & News DAll things techLow+263 784 974 362



WhatsApp groups NOT Run by Techzim

CategoryName of GroupWhat Members discussLevel of ActivityAdmin Numbers
Business/TechTech HiveTech and BusinessHigh+263734042318
BusinessAdvertise ur prdcts & servIT PRODUCTS,HEALTH CARE,AGRICULTURE,CONSTRUCTION,High+263 775 999 602,0773 894 975
BusinessAgri adverts and InformationAgric information and advertsVery High772404327
BusinessBusiness Ideas and Whats Selling??New Business ideas and items that are selling in Zimbabwe and abroad.Average263718699047
BusinessBusiness of 21st CenturyBusiness development and Introduction of new ideasVery High263739659607
BusinessentrepreneurshipbusinessVery High+263774474164
BusinessFarmers Marketing ForumAvailable markets, strategies, farming ideasVery High+263718586014,+263783843118
BusinessHeart Of Passion (The Rock Of Ages)Fast cash and how can we build our societyVery High263784727333
BusinessMarketing forumabout advertising and marketing strategyHigh+263772990123
BusinessMarketing forumabout advertising and marketing strategyHigh263772990123
BusinessMMM ZimbabweMoney contribution, donation, rounds and financial freedom. Join today its free to register and earn 30% per monthLow267765524200
BusinessMoney MakersFuture strategiesVery High263773085985
BusinessMutare BusinessAdvertise, Discuss business opportunies, its all about busindss but mostly for people in mutareHigh0778264365, 0778331326
BusinessProblems + Business OpportunitzWe share problems or challenges that we see in life that can be converted into Business Opportunities.Average263718699047
BusinessSanDeeBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Success, Innovation, Prosperity,Wealth CreationHigh+263774777352, +263773037149
BusinessThe Networking ForumBusinessAverage739846165
BusinessTrade zoneBuying and sellingVery High263774670885
BusinessTRADE ZONEBUYING AND SELLINGVery High263774670885
Businesstrade zone and internet tips and tricksdealsHigh4.47493355777077E+21
BusinessZim Diaspora teamBusiness and professional service provisionVery High+447576418794
BusinessZimAds Buy And SellBuying & SellingHigh+263733464538, +27623053005, +263784063481 Virtual RadioDiscuss abt Art especially Music, meet other artists & producers. Get a chances to market your new projects and also get them reviewed Very High+263776644694
CarsMotor TechVehicle Repairs,services and anything about carsAverage+263 772259750
DesignCreatives HubMultimedia trends + tips and showcasing projectsHigh+263772740859,
EducationZimsecAbout Registration Dates for ExamsVery High+263776973117
Educationzimsec tipshow to improve pass rateVery High778262758
EducationZimsechow to increase de pass rateLow773958098
EducationZimsec Tipshow to improve de pass rateVery High+263773782225
EducationZimsec tipshow to improve the pass rateVery High772886579
Healthpamberi nehutanohealth related issuesHighonly one admin
HealthSHEQ SpecialistSafety, Health and Environmental IssuesAverage263776544542
HealthTech medicineabout healthVery High+263 776 025 345
Law and LegislationVeritasParliamentary updates, Issues to do with Zimbabwean courts & its constitution & Rule of LawAverage+263 718 933633
MarketChinhoyi BusinessBuying, Selling and Advertising of productsAverage+263772928139
MarketTrade zoneBuying and sellingVery High+263774670885
Musicafrican kwasaThe starters of June 16Average629764899
Musicangels of africachurchAverage732062998
MusicDancehallMusicVery High+263775705821
MusicDancehallMusicVery High775705821
MusicDancehallMusicVery High775705821
MusicFirestarter StudioMusic both RNB and ZimdancehallAverage733435081
MusicStarship MuzicMusicVery High777282211
Musiczim dancehallzimdancehall in zimbabweVery High27742996627
MusicZimdancehall ArenaZimdancehallVery High+263774290546
MusicZimdancehall arenaZimdancehallVery High774290546
MusicZimdancehall ArenaMusicVery High263774290546
MusicZimdancehall ArenaZimdancehallVery High263774290546
Musiczimdancehall arenaadd me
Very High716828103
NewsTop NewsEverything [email protected] top newzAverage772245071
NGONGO NonProfit SettingsNGO Jobs, Skills, Trainings, Processes, ContactsHigh263772134101
OtherKarirwi Stud AssociationSchool developments and supporting current studentsVery High+447576418794
Othervimbai high schoolBusinessVery High+263773655701,
PoliticsUK & Europe People First Open ForumZimbabwe PoliticsVery High7796340237
ReligionPrayer pointsprayer.Low263772399824
ReligionPrayer RoomShare the word of God, God's Encouragement wordsVery High263774807824
SportDynamos fcDembare dot comsVery High+263774596153
SportsDembare dotcomsSportingAverage776498327
SportsDynamos fcTeam progressVery Low263774596153
SportsFootball ForumEPL,LA LIGA ,SERIE A,BUNDESLIGA,LADUMA,ZIM SOCCERVery High263771924335
SportsUefa Euro 20162016 Uefa Euro Championships in France 10 June-10 July 2016Average0773681284, 0773461988
TechCellphones and accessoriesBuying & SellingVery High+263778959535
TechComputer Training SchoolComputer AplicationsAverage713048969
TechDot Net CodersProgramming issues mostly but not exclusively related Microsoft. Net technologiesHigh+27832453723
TechGlotake Research Projects & Software Developmentcomputer programming, software development and research projects problem solvingVery High+263775159663,
TechEconet ProductsEconet ProductsAverage+263 732 464 000
TechInternet tipsTipsAverage263777603657
TechInternet tips and tricksNew applications and software's on the internetVery High+263777603657
TechlinuxlinuxVery High+263775159663, +263715641068
TechProgramming and Software ApplicationsOracle database, MySQL, Apache, Java, Ubuntu Server, WordPress CMS, SAP and EB-Suite/EBSAverage+263 771 416 730
TechRise Up Zim ProgrammersCurrent issues about the Software Development Industry in Zimbabwe and also providing answers to asked question in the group mainly programming problems.All programming languages accepted?Very High+263784481975,+263785730604
TechRobot doctorsrobotic and science technologyHigh+263 782 328 760
Techrobotic doctorsrobotic science technologyVery High2632823760
TechTechMedicineHow technology can and is being
applied to Impact Health and Wellness.
Low+263 772 370 432
TechTelOne Products & ServicesTelOne products, service delivery and
suggestions to make the operator
better in the market
TechZim ProgrammersProgramming Web developments and new techs in the code areaHigh27845530356
TechInnovative Tech CommunityComputer and Mobile Troubleshooting & Promos by Innovative Technology shopAverage+263 771 802 411
PC GamingPC GamersPC games reviews, Gaming PC building, Hardware reviews and anything techHigh+263 779 161 654
Techno HubTechnology Technology Very High+263 738 993 414
EntertainmentHarare Bashes updatesupcoming parties,bashes,gigsHigh+263 778 120 048
BusinessThe TalkEntrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship Average+263 773 397 042
BusinessBulawayo MarketBusinessHigh+263 771 637 734
MotorGweru Auto SparesBuying & Selling Auto PartsLow+263 779 717 761
BusinessEntrepreneurship Todayentrepreneurship, advertising businessesAverage+263 733 267 111
TechnologyZW I.T ClassifiedsIT & Accessories etc for saleVery High+263 772 344 871
BusinessBuzzHub Musika WeduBuying and SellingHigh+263 772 604 161
EntertainmentHappy PeopleFunny messagesHigh+263 778 093 855
EntertainmentDJ Pinguine Hiphop UpdatesIts all about hiphop updatesVery High+263 718 260 699
PersonalityVirtuous LadiesLadies forum for sharing tips and ideas on how to be outstanding women of virtue (ladies only) Average+263 774 716 516, +263 733 898 846, +263 773 849 480
EntertainmentStarFM Team NyabiraSocialHigh+263 772 396 351
EducationZim 0'level students Debate groupAll debatable issues in ZimAverage+263 737 638 051
TechScynse Tech, Online Advertising, Fashion and Entertainment, Graphic Designing Very High+263 775 014 096
TechMyApps Developers & DesignersSoftware Development ,Software Development jobs ,about the Digital skills market MyApps( )High+263 777 054 115,
+263 773 418 297,
+263 778 608 966,
+263 773 562 319
ReligionPastor Chris TeachingsTeachings and Messages by Pastor Chris OyakhilomeAverage+260 978 619 447,
+233 543 207 178
HealthSpeciality FoodsWhere to get and how to take the different foodsHigh+263774115578
FootballCAPS United 2016Caps United News and DiscussionsVery High+27 846 438 959,
+263 712 916 923,
+263 714 743 084,
+263 733 192 019
TechRise Up Zim ProgrammersCurrent issues about the Software Development Industry in Zimbabwe and also providing answers to asked question in the group mainly programming problems.All programming languages accepted?Very High+263 784 481 975,
+263 785 730 604
Football Football ForumEPL,LA LIGA ,SERIE A,BUNDESLIGA,LADUMA,ZIM SOCCERVery High+263 771 924 335

very high = members almost always chatting
high = 50 or so messages a day
Average = about 15 or so messages a day
Low = a coupla messages a day
Very Low = a coupla messages a week


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