Details on the winners of Zimbabwe ICT 2010 Achievers Awards

On Sunday, we posted the winners of the inaugural Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards. We had just come from the event the previous night and didn't have the full details of the achievements of the winners. I know it took a whole week to get these, and we're sorry for that. But let's focus on the positive: Courtesy of our friends at Just ICT, we now have the details.
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ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Journalist of the Year: Mqhele Tshuma

Tshuma is a radio Journalist who has a keen interest in the field of Information, Communication Technology and has done stories along this sector in need of seeing the development of ICTs.
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ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Project of the Year Public Sector: NetOne

This project had a positive impact to society in that NetOne bridged the communication divide in all ten provinces of Zimbabwe were power outages are frequent. NetOne set up solar powered base stations in hard hit areas such that there is constant connectivity for the masses in the affected areas.
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Zimbabwe’s Google Top Searches of 2010

Today, Google posted this year’s Zeitgeist, an interactive visual tool showing what the world searched on Google in 2010. Google’s version of the world’s list of 2010’s most trending topics. We should be getting a Twitter one and possibly a Facebook one as well before the year closes.

Press Release: Zimbabwe Internet Entreprenuer Launches website to profile Orphanages

Richwell Phinias, renowned internet marketing consultant and the co-founder of has partnered with a number organisations in Zimbabwe in an innovative ICT project meant to give hope and support to more than 2 500 children in at least 50 orphanages in Zimbabwe starting this Christmas. developed a website christmas2009 where people with access […]
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Econet connects to SEACOM undersea fibre cable

Econet just announced some 3 milestones today. The first and most significant is that Econet has established a direct connection to the SEACOM undersea optic fibre cable in Durban and is ready to connect customers once given the green light by the regulatory authorities.

Candid Consumerism, a Zimbabwe platform to complain.. and praise

If you are reading this post from Zimbabwe or you have been in Zim these past 2 years then you’ve probably had your change held back at a supermarket a number of times. If you’re like me, this has happened so many times you have lost count. Typically, you’re offered a credit note or asked to buy lollipops, choc, a box of matches, or some other small item to use up your change.
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Our Quiet Week

Over the months since we started this blog, it has grown from a small blog followed by a few people that know us personally, to one followed by thousands of Zimbabweans worldwide and viewed thousands of times each day. Resultantly, when we don't post anything for several days, people notice and send us emails.

Get A Website Designed In Zimbabwe – Dark Secret Revealed!

One of the first articles we wrote when we started this blog last year was about the broken state of some websites in the ICT sector. And just a few days ago, we noted that the official website of the second largest mobile phone network operator was taken down some 10 months ago and has been under construction since. There clearly is a problem here. And what better time to learn how to get the job done effectively.

Some Pictures From The Econet Experience Expo

We're just from the Econet Experience Expo that's being held in Harare. It's an Econet only (well, and Econet partners) exhibition which started yesterday and is due to end tomorrow. I thought we'd just go through the exhibition and come back quickly. I was so wrong.