Survey results show there are few women in tech careers

Last week, one of Zimbabwe’s largest employment agencies, CV People, posted the results of a salary survey on its website. The reports can be downloaded are here. Reading the ICT Jobs report, there’s really not much surprise in terms of remuneration for techies and techie managers. If you’re in Zimbabwe, the figures are just what you see and hear around everyday. Average salaries of about US $700 for shop floor technical jobs and average around US $1,300 for managers.

Botswana telecoms regulator issues price reductions directive

The Southern Times posted today that Botswana’s telecoms regulator, Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA), has issued a directive to telecommunications operators in the country to effect price reductions on telecoms services. Services to be affected by the directive include wholesale ADSL (broadband Internet delivered through a standard fixed line), mobile termination and fixed termination among others.
advertisement registering more than 8 million monthly page views

It’s a fact; is Zimbabwe’s most successful online classifieds. If not in monetary terms then at least successful in popularity. For a lot of people, it’s the only Zim classifieds site they know. Merchants use the site as the internet face of their business. Most businesses don’t even have their own websites; classifieds is about all there is for them in terms of internet presence.
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The Computer Society of Zimbabwe holds its AGM

This week, the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) held its Annual General Meeting in Harare. At the meeting the CSZ president presented a report of the societies activities for the past 18 months. The society’s treasurer also presented his financial report.

Press Release: Econet Launches ‘Econet Energy’

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms company, has launched a ‘green’ campaign that will see the company invest in alternative energies, raising environmental awareness and alleviating the crippling impact of worsening power cuts on service.

Econet to launch Econet Energy

We just received an invitation from Econet to attend the launch of a new venture called Econet Energy. The launch is today in Harare. The Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO, Douglas Mboweni, will make a presentation at the launch. Here’s an excerpt of the invite:

Google’s message to Africa: create local content

"Many people believe Google creates or writes the information that you see on the Internet. We don't; we just find and index it. Its actually created by people like you" - This is statement from a post made on the Google Africa blog by Bridgette Sexton, Googles's Program Manager, Developer & Tech Outreach, Africa.

Econet launches contract mobile phone plans

Today, Econet launched a new contract (post-paid) package for mobile subscribers where, if a customer has a minimum salary of US $250, they can get a free mobile phone on contract. We contacted Econet for details of new mobile plan and got some interesting facts you'll want consider if you're thinking of getting yourself a contract 'free' mobile phone.

POTRAZ issues mobile phone line registration reminder

With just a month left to the 28th of February approaches, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has issued another reminder (a warning really) to mobile subscribers to register their mobile phone lines or risk disconnection when the deadline expires.
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The Apple iPad officially launched in South Africa

2010’s game changing tablet, Apple’s iPad, officially launched in South Africa today. As expected, this didn’t generate the usual excitement Apple products attract at launch. It’s really for the simple reason that Apple launched the same gadget in the US almost 10 months ago and is readying the launch of the second iPad generation.
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How to not quickly use up your mobile broadband bundles

We list below, a few bandwidth saving tips. We know some readers have even more tips. If you’re such a reader, please add in your tips in the comments. We’re going to assume you use a Windows machine here because that’s what most people use, and also because if you’re on a Linux box, chances are you‘re a savvy enough and don’t need us lecturing you on this.

Politics and technology: the goings on at Telecel

Normally we like to keep clear of non-technology issues. It allows to focus and write about the things we know best. People at Telecel (or just people with interests in Telecel) however keep spending generous amounts of time generating news on the other side of the line. And it clearly affects the technology side of things at Telecel.