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Techzim Podcast: Connected cars and NFC Payments, Zim Dancehall and Ebola

October 19th, 2014


Here’s the latest edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode there was a debate on the Econet Connected Car service and a brief discussion the EcoCash Tap & Go Card which currently at pilot stage. We also discussed the Zim Dancehall App and the “A Dollar for Ebola” crowdfunding campaign being pushed through Facebook. What are [...]

More info on EcoCash’s new Tap & Go NFC Card

October 16th, 2014


A few weeks ago we stumbled upon an EcoCash card payment system that was being used at an eatery in Harare. The system, which was under some form of stealth test phase, turned out to be powered by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, as users simply tapped the cards against a merchant device. Today we [...]

Econet ventures into car tracking with its new service

October 15th, 2014


Earlier today we attended the very elaborate launch of mobile operator Econet’s new service called the Econet Connected Car which is part of a new range of products that Econet is calling Connected Lifestyles. The main delivery was by Dorothy Zimuto, the COO for Econet Connected Car, who outlined Econet’s ambition to ensure that most [...]

WARNING: Don’t buy airtime through EcoCash on weekends

October 11th, 2014


For some time now, I have been using my EcoCash wallet to buy airtime.Though I don’t get a discount for doing this (they give dealers and wholesalers between 8-10%, surely this can be extended to us, they have no printing costs of a physical recharge card or other costs that are associated with buying airtime) [...]

Econet ventures into advertising?

October 10th, 2014


If you’ve made a call on any Econet line in the past couple of days you probably noticed that some of the pop up notifications that you get for any call attempt now come with an advert at the bottom. In the case of the call screen captured in this screen shot Lobels, a local [...]

Shared mobile money agents: Does this benefit the ecosystem?

October 6th, 2014


It’s been reported that the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has pushed through an order compelling Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile operator, to share its mobile money transfer agents with the other mobile networks. This regulatory intercede in the Kenyan mobile money space is similar to what we noticed earlier this year in the Zimbabwean mobile [...]

How to send money to Zimbabwe

October 3rd, 2014


So in sending money to the UK, one of the questions that people asked me was how do I send money to Zimbabwe. Why send money to Zimbabwe? I know, weird question. But there are people out there that still ask. Well, for those of you that still have relatives and friends that are still [...]

Why EcoSchool will be good for the ecosystem

October 3rd, 2014


EcoSchool launched its education platform a few days ago. Hopefully it will bring to an end the questions and speculations that we’ve had to deal with at Mazwi, a start up that I have been a part of since 2013. What does the EcoSchool launch mean for our startup in particular and the digital education [...]

Everything you need to know about Econet’s EcoSchool

October 1st, 2014


We just attended the official launch of Econet’s EcoSchool that we spoke about yesterday. This time it wasn’t just a pilot launch but the roll out of the service to the whole country. Speaking at the launch the Head of Econet Services, Darlington Mandivenga mentioned that the EcoSchool product and service will be made available [...]

Telecel unveils Android mobile app

September 25th, 2014


Earlier today at the launch of the Telecel Telesure Insurance product, the Telecel team unveiled a new telecash Android mobile app for their mobile money service, telecash. The application, which is available for download on the Google Play Store, gives telecash subscribers a faster and easier transaction option for the usual mobile money activities like [...]

Zimswitch ATM cash withdrawal charges increased

September 22nd, 2014


Local banks are set to raise the cash charges on Zimswitch ATM withdrawals by 50%. This increases the charge from the current $2 to $3 per transaction starting next month. This adjustment in charges applies to any customer taking advantage of Zimswitch interoperability and withdrawing money from a non- native ATM, which is another bank’s [...]

“Sending” Money to South Africa

September 19th, 2014


A lot has changed since the crisis of 2008. Things are better now. I should know since back then I spend most of my time rationing my food supplies and waiting in line for everything from salt,bread, call slots and web pages to load. Most of my time is spend at the gym now trying [...]

Zimpost’s Zipcash moves into Botswana

September 18th, 2014


It has been reported that Zipcash the electronic money transfer and remittance service launched by postal service Zimpost has extended its service to Botswana. Zipcash was launched late last year and has been working on expanding the reach of its money remittance service. In May this year Zimpost announced its entry into West Africa and at [...]

Econet set to introduce NFC payments through EcoCash?

September 14th, 2014


Here’s something interesting that I spotted while paying for lunch at an eatery in Harare – the cashier was handling payments through a card based system that works through a tapping mechanism. No, it wasn’t the EcoCash Mastercard or telecash Goldcard. It turns out its an NFC enabled “tap and go” system that works with cards [...]

Nettcash introduces brand ambassadors to grow agent network

September 12th, 2014


Some months ago we wrote about Nettcash and their official launch in the Zimbabwean mobile money space. The independent service was applauded as a sign of healthy competition in a market dominated by mobile network operators. Since the launch the mobile money landscape has gone through significant changes, with the different service providers noting significant [...]

Africalotto introduces online gambling to Zimbabwe

September 11th, 2014


Hammer and Tongues Holdings, through its lottery gaming provider, Africalotto, has introduced mobile and online gambling  to the Zimbabwean market with an Android application called The Africalotto Mobile App. Through this app,the first of its kind in Zimbabwe, registered users can place bets on the different lottery games that Africalotto already provides through its retail [...]

“Just Swift It” campaign introduces e-commerce to Zim logistics

September 8th, 2014


With online payments and e-commerce pretty much figured out thanks to various options like Paynow, Pay4App and vPayments, everyone who prefers “e-simplicity” is looking at how local merchants and service providers will make it a part of the ordinary transaction experience. In a first from local transport and logistics concerns, freight company Swift has taken a [...]

Podcast: Jive Zimbabwe, telecash,TelOne Ts &Cs & Twitter Analytics

September 2nd, 2014


Here’s this week’s edition of the podcast. We discussed the new online music platform, Jive Zimbabwe and its impact on the fight against piracy. We also touched on Telecel’s new arrangement with Mukuru.com for remittances from South Africa to telecash wallets, the new Twitter Analytics feature and TelOne’s disclaimer on ADSL speeds. Please feel free [...]

Telecel partners Mukuru to enable remittances to telecash

September 1st, 2014


In a fulfillment of promises made a few months ago Telecel has, through a partnership with Mukuru,  now enabled the remittances of diasporan funds straight into the mobile wallets of its mobile money service telecash. With this new arrangement, which will currently be active for remittances from South Africa, when someone sends money through Mukuru [...]

Jive Zimbabwe launches online music platform..Again. Will they succeed?

September 1st, 2014


You may have read an article in yesterday’s Sunday Mail (and last week’s NewsDay actually) about a new online music distribution site for Zimbabwean music called Jive Zimbabwe. They are here. This is actually not the first time Jive Zimbabwe has “launched” so it should be a relaunch really. The first launch happened almost two years ago [...]

EcoCash online payments through MasterCard

August 26th, 2014


Recently Ecocash introduced the EcoCash MasterCard Debit Card that undoubtedly was a game changer, allowing millions of ‘unbanked’ people the opportunity to have the convenience of making payments anywhere and everywhere. Yes, the card works across borders, anywhere in the world they say and then there was the ‘possibility’ of making online payments. I went ahead and got [...]

Telecash zero-rates mobile money transfers

August 25th, 2014


In a move that will definitely change the competition dynamics of local mobile money, telecash, the mobile money arm of Telecel has made it free to transfer money to a registered telecash subscriber.This automatically places telecash as the cheapest mobile money transfer option for the Zimbabwean market. The new wave of “tariff treats” also comes [...]

We’ve figured out payments, so what’s next for Zim e-commerce?

August 19th, 2014


Last Saturday Paynow, a local e-payments integration service, hosted a developers’ day at the Hypercube Hub. The event was attended by several developers and designers with some of them eager to integrate Paynow with their online services. Matthew Hood, the technical lead at Paynow, was pleased with the turnout at the Developer day, largely because [...]

Exclusive: EcoCash CEO, Cuthbert Tembedza, leaving Econet Wireless

August 13th, 2014


We’ve confirmed via a number of sources that current EcoCash CEO, Cuthbert Tembedza, is leaving Econet Wireless. Tembedza is leaving Econet after about a year & a half and after leading the mobile money company through a period of tremendous success cementing EcoCash’s position as the undisputed leader in mobile money in Zimbabwe. We contacted Tembedza to learn more [...]

Econet secures $150 million for expansion

August 6th, 2014


It has been reported that Econet Wireless Global has secured a $150 million financing facility to enable its expansion program. In an announcement from Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) the institution that arranged the facility Econet will use the facility to expand in mobile banking and solar energy and also to refinance existing debt which has been [...]