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By the numbers: 6 interesting facts about telecoms & internet in Zimbabwe

February 5th, 2015


1. Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration 87% now. This figure is based on the number of active sim cards in the country.   2. Zimbabwe’s total number of active SIM cards reported, 11.4 million, is actually not the number of people that own mobile phones. Some people have more than one SIM from the same operator (smartphone, internet […]

Some fascinating facts about internet services stats in Zimbabwe

October 8th, 2014


Yesterday, we posted the the latest Zimbabwe internet subscriptions statistics that POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator in Zimbabwe, released. There are some interesting facts apparent in the subscription trends locally. Here are the ones we picked. Note that these are stats for the quarter ending June 2014. 1.   Dial-up is not dead If you thought dial-up internet was dead, you […]

ZOL introduces $89 fibre package… doubles speeds, but re-introduces capped internet

September 12th, 2014


So, until now ZOL’s entry price for fibre has been $149 which, if you’re like me, is a wait-for-cheaper price. That price has come. This week, ZOL announced via their social media pages that the entry price now is now $89. ZOL being the preachers of uncapped $89 is an unbelievably great deal for uncapped fibre. But it’s not uncapped. This service is capped at […]

Huawei and MTN claim successfully testing fastest & most intelligent fibre

August 28th, 2014


In a press release sent out today by global telecoms giant MTN, them and Huawei claim to have achieved a major milestone in the global telecommunications industry by successfully completing tests of what is “currently the fastest and most intelligent optical network to date in the industry”. Using MTN’s backbone fibre in South Africa, the two companies […]

Another award for Liquid Telecom in recognition of its fibre network

November 28th, 2013


Liquid Telecom, an Econet Wireless Group subsidiary focusing on connectivity services networks particularly in terrestrial fibre but also satellite and data centers, has been conferred another award barely two weeks after similar recognition at the AfricaCom awards. The latest award is from Capacity Magazine annual Global Carriers Awards where it go the “Best African wholesale […]

Infrastructure development bank to raise money for TelOne fibre infrastructure

October 8th, 2013


The Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe revealed yesterday that it will raise money for TelOne’s fibre backbone project through infrastructure bonds that will be floated next year. The bank’s chief executive, Charles Chikaura, said at a briefing that funds raised from the infrastructure bond will be shared between TelOne and Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC). TelOne’s fibre […]

Liquid Telecom’s updated terrestrial fibre map [Africa]

January 31st, 2013


Three days ago Liquid Telecom announced the acquisition of telecom assets in Eastern Africa belonging to Altech. According to Liquid, the additional terrestrial infrastructure resulting from the acquisition makes the company the owner of Africa’s largest single fibre network, which is quite significant for the Nic Rudnick led company.

ZOL drops internet bombshell

July 3rd, 2012


I remember the early days of email when I had a Yahoo and Hotmail account with a 5MB mailbox which I thought was totally great even though I was constantly deleting emails and when Gmail threw 1GB on the table that was the end of my Yahoo and Hotmail experience. I had the same sensation […]

TelOne Internet slows down after fibre cut in Mozambique

May 12th, 2012


A fibre cable cut in Maputo, Mozambique that occurred on Wednesday 9 May has adversely affected TelOne’s internet services. The problem affected at least all TelOne ADSL users in Zimbabwe whose internet significantly slowed down, with some users not able to access the service at all. According to our sources at Zimbabwe’s sole fixed telecoms operator, after the cut, all its internet traffic got rerouted through existing satellite links, which are much slower than fibre and have limited capacity.

How much the price of internet connectivity can reduce in one year

January 30th, 2012


A year ago, US $50 per month unlimited broadband was only offered by one internet provider, the state owned PowerTel. Many would argue doesn’t really ‘need’ to make money. It wasn’t the best internet in town, largely because of congestion issues, but PowerTel afforded many small businesses and middle income earners an opportunity to have their own internet connection for the first time. The rest of the providers had prices north of $100 for any type broadband, forget unlimited.

The Econet backbone optic fibre map

May 18th, 2011


We saw the map below in Econet’s financial results briefings for 2011 and thought to post it here. It shows the progress of the fibre backbone project that the largest mobile operators is working. As you can see, the section running from Harare through Bulawayo to Beitbridge is now fully operational. It also shows the fibre rings in Harare and Bulawayo have been completed.

Masawara Telerix aquisition. Which ISP is Telerix?

January 20th, 2011


Many of you saw the Masawara press release on Tuesday, and like us, most of you went into looking for who Telerix is. This is because Telerix is not on the list of official POTRAZ licensed Internet Access Providers. We thought it’d be a typical walk in the park verifying this information with the concerned parties. We were wrong.