3 Apr 2014

GTeL has shipped 250,000 smart devices in the local market, says Robert Gonye

Local mobile device maker, GTeL today revealed some interesting figures on their performance. Speaking during the #GetSocial event held today, GTeL’s marketing manager Mr Robert Gonye said GTeL has so far shipped 250,000 android devices locally. GTeL is a local mobile device brand that distributes GTeL branded mobile devices that include low cost entry level […]

13 Sep 2011

biNu registers rapid growth in Zimbabwe mobile app market

We came to know about biNu some several months ago when we wrote articles about eTXT. There was a lot of mention about it on our Facebook page. Readers compared it to eTXT and later Dasuba. The messaging component of biNu at least. I personally didn’t try biNu until 12 days ago, and what an impression it has left on me!

The stats we received from biNu are impressive too. biNu usage has grown rapidly in the country. According to the startup, just in the month of August 2011, biNu had in excess of 60,000 unique users, 1.9 million sessions and 22 million page views in Zimbabwe alone.

7 Mar 2011

Reader contributed details about G-Tide Zimbabwe

The brief thoughts we posted last week on the Nhava scandal generated a lot of interest and discussion around the originality of gadgets being sold in Zimbabwe. Just reading the comments today, we came across one by someone going by the name “chimwedzi”.

The comment gives some insight into what and who G-Tide Zimbabwe is. And because it’s buried in the second page of the comments on the article, we thought we’d post it here separately. The words have been pulled as is. We just paragraphed and spaced it a little to increase readability.

24 Feb 2010

No Love For G-Tide Phones On Facebook

I received a page suggestion yesterday to a not so usual Zimba page on Facebook. One that doesn’t hide it’s feelings for G-Tide. It’s called “I Hate G-TIDE Cell Phones”. First I thought well, negative campaigns are not new on Facebook but I’ll just check it out and leave. But then I looked at the number of fans and stopped a bit.

The page was created yesterday morning (Zim time) and by the time I viewed it in the evening, 51 people had subscribed. I visited it just now to find the fans had doubled to 111! No mean feat for a Zim page just 2 days old. The viral effect is working against the Tide here!

16 Feb 2010

An Ultra Low Cost Phone For Africa

Vodafone yesterday announced the launch of two ultra low cost handsets targeted at consumers in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. According to the Vodafone press release, the handsets (Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250) will launch in the coming weeks in India and across Africa.

The Vodafone 150 will retail unsubsidised at below US $15 and the Vodafone 250, US $20, depending on the local market.