24 Aug 2011

We have 3.9G technology, says Spiritage Communications

Speaking at a Computer Society of Zimbabwe function yesterday, Spiritage Communications Managing Director Mr. Kangai Maukazuva disclosed the company has deployed a 3.9G network. Maukazuva was presenting the topic “Communication technologies for the future” to a huge group of information technology professionals. The presentation centered on the evolution in telecommunications to next generation networks (NGNs).

19 Aug 2011

Spiritage presenting at Computer Society of Zimbabwe event

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe function this month (there’s one every month) is a presentation titled “Communication Technologies for the Future!” We just received the flyer from the society and we’re going to be there to listen in and interact with the techies and business people that come to these functions. But more importantly, we’re going to be there because of the opportunity to listen and speak to the presenters at the function, the Spiritage Communications executives.