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Here’s Econet new job search service… moving on, 50 cents poorer

January 21st, 2015


Remember the USSD & SMS mobile jobs services that local mobile operators have suddenly realised they could offer too. Pressured by the revenue decline caused by the government (new taxes), the government (new regulation), the government (ill economy) and those evil Over The Top apps (WhatsApp), mobile operators have entered panic mode and are picking up […]

Dear ZIMRA: How about paying taxes through mobile money?

October 24th, 2014


In Kenya it’s now possible to pay taxes via mobile money. According to a recent report in Mobile Money Africa, mobile operator Airtel has partnered with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to introduce the new service. This service will allow subscribers to inquire about KRA services, generate a KRA payment reference number which will be […]

EconetHealth launches EcoHealth Tips

July 18th, 2014


Earlier today, EconetHealth, the health services subsidiary of Econet Wireless launched a new product called EcoHealth Tips at a ceremony attended by various stakeholders in the health sector including officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The new offering provides health related information via USSD to subscribers who sign up for the new […]

Econet investigated for anti-competitive behaviour in mobile money business

June 13th, 2014


A report in the Herald today says Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is being investigation by the Competition and and Tariffs Commission (CTC) for anti-competitive business practices around it’s relationship with local financial institutions on mobile money and mobile banking. The issue is really that of the banks wanting neutral access to the Econet’s network subscribers via regular USSD (and […]

Yahoo eyes emerging markets with content on USSD

April 29th, 2014


The real money and growth in tech is in emerging markets as well as mobile services and everyone seems to be looking in that direction for growth and relevance. Yahoo’s growth strategy for mobile services will now include a smarter focus on emerging markets after it was announced in a press release from the Myriad […]

Econet re-enables EcoCash USSD long codes. Android apps likely to emerge

March 13th, 2014


Remember the EcoCash Droid app that lived for one day? Well the thing that Econet did to make it go away – disabling long USSD codes – has just been reversed with a new campaign called Transact faster-faster. A Twitter user, one muushafarie, pointed us to an ad in a local daily this morning. EcoCash faster-faster looks […]

Exclusive: Econet finally opening up full USSD level mobile money to the banks

January 14th, 2014


Sources in the industry have exclusively told us that Econet has finally given in to the pressure of the banks, regulatory authorities to open up full USSD functionality for the ZimSwitch mobile money transfer services. Specifically, this means in the coming weeks and months, banks, through the ZimSwitch Shared Services platform, will be able to […]

Some fun with USSD codes *123*4*5*6#

December 25th, 2013


USSD – short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – commands have been there since the first cellphone. They are the codes we have been using to top up airtime, buy bundles, check your credit balance, or even mobile money transactions (if you use EcoCash or TeleCash that is) The main issue however with a lot […]

SMS, USSD and the mobile web: Zimbabwe is not that country

April 11th, 2012


It was just a few months ago, sitting with the CEO who had moved back into the country after working as a successful starter-up in the US. The interview part hadn’t started and I was shaking a bit (he had come to pick me up in a classy vehicle and drove me to his classy house so yes I’m not used to being so..I don’t know). He was narrating his experiences in the States and how you could earn big from the silliest of apps or nothing from a huge idea. Then he leaned forward, reached in his pocket and brought out a monochrome phone and said “If you want to be big in Africa, you can’t go wrong with mobile. This is the only way. The regular guy knows SMS…[bla bla bla]“. I nodded and shook (50-50). He was definitely not the first to tell me this, and wasn’t the last but I wasn’t and still am not convinced.

Of installing open source software and starting an internet business

April 2nd, 2012


Classifieds (and business directories), like Social Networking, are a favourite with local tech startups. Very much so you’d think with all this work addressing the classifieds problem, it’d be solved by now. That an ordinary person would be able to easily post an ad to platform with any device they have and within minutes be getting calls, and hopefully by the end of the day have a couple of serious leads. You know, the way it works when you throw a classified ad in the paper.

eTXT now app platform as ForgetMeNot Africa launches App Challenge

March 9th, 2012


You’ve probably used eTXT a number of times. If not you then at least someone you chat with on Facebook, on Gtalk or just someone you exchange emails with has used the service from a basic SMS only (no internet) mobile phone to communicate with you. ForgetMeNot Africa, the company behind the eTXT platform, has […]

Are new social media disaster apps suitable for Africa?

March 6th, 2012


Natural disasters always have casualties when they strike, and the drama goes on after the strike when family and friends have no one to answer them when they call to check who made it out and who didn’t. Although a simple phone call can be made, it’s usually not enough to check on all your acquaintances to check on you as well as for you to check on them.

Facebook access without the web. Orange follows FMNA, Gemalto

February 17th, 2012


The one thing clear about telecoms in Africa is that basic phones still rule. There’s another thing too clear to ignore; it is that people on the continent love Facebook. Facebook is so popular, for many Africans Facebook’s the first point of contact with the Internet. Orange has woken up to this fact. The mobile operator will be launching Facebook via USSD in Africa.