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Everything you need to know about domain names: Part 3

November 11th, 2014


This is the third in a series of guest articles authored by Isaac Maposa, the co-founder of Web Enchanter, a Zimbabwean startup in the domain registration space. This feature is on domain names. Who Is eligible to register or own a domain name? Any individual or organisation has the right to own a domain name. […]

Press Release: Freelancer announces fastest growing Internet jobs

January 30th, 2013


Freelancer.com, the world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace, has announced the fastest growing Internet jobs between October and December 2012. With nearly 7 million members and over $1 billion worth of work posted on the site, Freelancer.com is the foremost authority on the online job trends spanning over 234 countries and regions.

Local website hosting and buying Zimbabwe

November 22nd, 2011


The guys over at Candid Consumerism posted last week that the Buy Zimbabwe people were being hypocritical telling everyone to buy Zimbabwean products yet Buy Zimbabwe itself is not. Buy Zimbabwe won’t eat its own dog food. Its website is hosted in the United States. If they were being sincere, the article says, they’d just host it locally; Buy Zimbabwe would just buy Zimbabwean hosting.

Why we moved Techzim hosting out of Zimbabwe

February 3rd, 2011


About 4 weeks ago, we moved Techzim from our local web host to South Africa. The moving process wasn’t painless. It lasted some 4 days and we faced a lot of non-technical hitches that come with moving a .co.zw domain from Zimbabwe.