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Zim dancehall and the financial opportunity of the internet

September 30th, 2014


It is undeniably the largest movement in local urban music and youth culture. It’s Zim dancehall music and if you have been to any urban or peri-urban area for that matter you will have heard the familiar sounds and the catch phrases taken from the lyrics. As big as this movement is though, I still wonder […]

Social Media: Winky D is the Big Man

May 26th, 2011


Winky D shot to stardom in a manner that left many recovering from his mesmerising impact. From the dusty streets of Kambuzuma he has risen to defy all established conventions by taking over local airwaves, entertainment systems, and many an iPod/mp3 player. Before his emergence, Dancehall was a niche genre for Rastafarians and hardcore fanatics; he has not only transformed this but created a very compelling mainstream brand.