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Day 2: Here are the ZOL Startup Challenge 2013 finalists

October 11th, 2013


Today was the second round of the ZOL Startup Challenge. 10 Startups were pitching for a spot in in the final 5 who, in the coming weeks will be pitching for the top spot. It was as usual a very exciting day for everyone involved. Lots of energy and passion from the teams was evident. […]

Econet announces EcoLife supreme court victory against Trustco

October 6th, 2013


Econet announced today that the Supreme Court has ruled in their favour in the matter against Namibian technology company Trustco, in the Supreme Court. The two companies have been fighting in court since mid 2011 following disagreements over the running of the EcoLife service. The victory is more one of principle and closure as it has no bearing on the EcoLife service itself. Econet’s agreement with Trustco legally came to end in February last year.

Dealing with the ever present power cuts in Zimbabwe

October 3rd, 2013


They say there are two things that are certain in life: Death and Taxes. I think I must add, “there are two things that are certain in Zimbabwe power cuts and dry taps.” It has happened so often most people have simply stopped being surprised about it. It does not seem to matter who you […]

Zimbabwean satellite station, 1st TV, shuts down just two months after launch

September 26th, 2013


Remember 1st TV? Come on, you should. It’s that “Zimbabwe’s first free independent TV station” that launched just weeks before the elections. Ok, wrong event to associate them with. You probably remember them for springing up to the opportunity of South Africans pulling their SABC channels from our FTA decoders. 1st TV came quickly, literally appearing from […]

Econet announces EcoFarmer, insurance for smallholder farmers

September 26th, 2013


Yesterday, we exclusively reported that Econet was working to launch a new insurance service for smallholder farmers called EcoFarmer. Econet just issued a press statement announcing the product. Our report yesterday covers most of what the product is but here’s the new information from the statement: Econet is implementing this in partnership with Seed Co, […]

Telecel Zimbabwe extends the Mega Bonus Reloaded cheap calls promo

September 25th, 2013


To refer to the calls as ‘cheap’ is of course in the context of a Zimbabwe that ranks close to the top on the list of crazy high mobile tariffs in Africa. But yes, the Telecel promo that changed the tariffs game in the local telecoms industry, leading to an ugly chain of competitive – or anti-competitive […]

Call for dedicated Policy on ICT in Education for Zimbabwe

September 25th, 2013


The release of ‘O’ Level results from last year examinations was met with an unprecedented outcry across the nation. Now that the dust has settled and emotions have calmed down, and a new government is in place, it is time to take a sober look at this vital aspect of the nation’s future. Instead of […]

Open letter to the Minister(s) of ZBC

September 23rd, 2013


First let me apologize for not knowing to whom to address the letter to. Slow as I am, I am still trying to understand the different ministries. Should I have addressed it to the Minister of Information; Sports (I watch a lot of sports)

Econet Zimbabwe banks on EcoCash mobile money to create shareholder value

September 19th, 2013


At the company’s AGM recently Econet Wireless Zimbabwe explained to shareholders that the group is looking to services such as the mobile money service, EcoCash, for continued profitability and new value for shareholders. According to a report by local financial analysis email service, Financial Express, Econet Wireless Group Chief Operations Officer Tracy Mpofu said at […]

Startup launches Zimbabwe’s first online local domain registration service

September 13th, 2013


The difficult process of registering local domains in Zimbabwe is something we have written about extensively here on Techzim. It’s something we feel passionate about for the simple reason that allowing people to easily register local domains easily means more people can try more stuff online easily. Imagine therefore our delight finding out a team […]

ZimSwitch: an update on the ZimSwitch Shared Services (ZSS) platform

September 11th, 2013


The article below is a statement issued by ZimSwitch on the state and progress made with the ZimSwitch Shared Services payments switching platform. The statement was issued to us as part of the research that we made over the past few weeks for the article Zimbabwe: Of banks, Mobile Money and EcoCash. It has been a busy year […]

Zimbabwe: Of banks, Mobile Money and EcoCash

September 10th, 2013


Many like myself are probably wondering about the future of Mobile Money in Zimbabwe. On one side we have EcoCash bullishly rolling out merchant after merchant gathering enough momentum to fully implement a system perhaps even more speedily adopted than M-Pesa of Kenya. On the other hand we have the banks under the banner of […]

One agent’s experience choosing between EcoCash and Textacash

September 9th, 2013


If you have worked or stayed in the Avondale area in Harare, you probably know of a popular food place at the flea market where lots of people religiously enjoy their lunch everyday. I visited the place with a friend today and we were quite intrigued to find they are now accepting Textacash mobile payments.

Hypercube to launch tech hub in Harare

September 5th, 2013


Yesterday, we received received a press release from Taps Murove, the Operations Manager of a new tech hub set to launch in Harare called, according to the release, Hypercube Technology Trust. Here’s the full release: The launch of Hypercube in November will mark it as the first technology hub in Zimbabwe. In recent years, technology hubs […]

The irony of the Android BBM messaging app in Zimbabwe

August 30th, 2013


You might have heard that after years of making BBM exclusive to BlackBerry device customers only, and then watching the WhatsApps and what nots run with the prize, BlackBerry finally woke up. Well, not really, since they are all but yielding the ghost. Anyway, life onwards or not, BlackBerry decided to open up BBM to other platforms, chiefly Android, and maybe later IOS and Windows.

How graphic design & technology can end taxi chaos in Zimbabwe

August 29th, 2013


Boarding a Taxi or a public bus – while it might seem like a simple enough task elsewhere; In Zimbabwe It has lately become a very dangerous affair. There have been very recent reports of deaths, robberies and police kidnappings involving taxis. But before this article grabs the attention of the UN and the global sanctions machinery, these reports are very few and far between but by no means non-existent.

How much the Econet 4G LTE dongle will cost

August 26th, 2013


When Econet announced launched 4G LTE service last week, they declined to say how much the 4G dongle would cost. They haven’t finalised that they said. So for now we can only speculate based on what we see on the ground plus ofcourse the good old rumour machine.

Local startup, Frontrowzim, pioneers Zimbabwe schools sport news online

August 23rd, 2013


When Chenjerai Katanda made the Zimbabwe Schools Rugby Sevens team that traveled to Kenya for a tournament in 2009, he recalls that he Naively thought anyone who represented Zimbabwe in such a capacity deserved mention in the media. “Boy was I wrong. Schools sport was not ‘important’ or as they say ‘it does not sell’”.

Press Release: Econet ready for UNWTO, launches LTE

August 21st, 2013


Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has marked the joint hosting by Zimbabwe and Zambia of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) general assembly by launching one of Africa’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. The LTE will be launched in the resort town of Victoria Falls, where the assembly will be held from August 24 to 29.

BREAKING NEWS: POTRAZ orders Econet to revert to 25 cents per minute

August 20th, 2013


In an interesting twist to the ongoing mobile tariff wars in Zimbabwe, POTRAZ we are told, has today directed Econet to revert to the old punitive pricing of 25 cents per minutes for calls. We just got the information right now from an Econet spokesperson. This is the first time POTRAZ has reacted publicly to the tariff wars.

More innovation is needed for VSAT to thrive in Zimbabwe

August 19th, 2013


For the past number of years we have been writing about the fall in broadband prices. Most, if not all, of these decreases are precipitated by two things: a fall in equipment and a fall in upstream bandwidth prices. Despite these commendable developments one area has been lagging behind: VSAT internet. VSAT is still prohibitively expensive.

Zimbabwe desperately needs modern medical equipment

August 14th, 2013


I recently accompanied a sick relative to the hospital. As we were waiting for our turn to receive treatment I could not help notice the stark difference between our local hospitals and the ones that I see in Western movies. Our hospitals look empty in comparison.