6 May 2015

ZOL’s free WiFi is no more. New prepaid prices start at 5GB for $15

So the problem with “free” is that after your customers have enjoyed it for a while, whatever adjustment you make to the price, however cheaper it is than your closest competition, if it’s not free, you’re going to make a lot people unhappy. ZOL will be announcing tomorrow that their free ZOLSpot WiFi is finally coming to an end. […]

23 Jan 2015

ZOL has disrupted the Zim internet space, is voice communication next?

Zimbabweans are very particular about the cost of a product or service and any adjustment made to that effect. This extends to anything that an entrepreneur might want to provide really. The market is very price sensitive, just ask Powertel. It’s all blamed on the tough economic environment. Every dollar counts so if you up the […]

How expensive is it to go online in Zim?: An overview of prices for internet services

2015 started off with mobile subscribers celebrating the good news that as had been promised, the voice tariffs for the country’s mobile network operators had been reduced. Unfortunately we didn’t see a tumble in the cost of mobile data accompanying this change. The same could be said for internet services across the board actually. Despite a tighter economic […]

30 Dec 2014

The 5 gaffes in the 2014 Zimbabwe technology space

Before we do the countdown to the new year and start living through those New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to take a look at not only the winners and losers, but also the embarrassing moments from the Zimbabwe technology space that we’ll gladly leave behind this year. Here are just five faux pas from 2014. […]

29 Dec 2014

Tips for faster downloads: How I combined two internet connections

Recently during the holiday season my primary internet connection started acting up. It seems there is a signal problem affecting my upload speed, so it takes an inordinately long time to complete simple tasks such as processing the GET request although the download is a breeze once this obstacle is surmounted with download threads achieving the […]

15 Dec 2014

Guaranteed ISP Happiness: It’s all about value not price as uMax competes in aggressive market

You probably have seen the ad already by now; local ISP uMax is offering a money back guarantee to new subscribers. If you sign up for their Wimax package and for whatever reason are not happy with their service they are offering, they will give you your money back. Actually this is not a new development. […]

Zimbabwe’s changing internet service delivery landscape: a perspective from ZOL

The landscape around internet service delivery is changing rapidly, something that has resulted in ISPs like ZOL exploring the possibilities of extending services into the provision of entertainment services (IPTV) and VoIP calling, something that has been offered by other IAPs for a while now. The exciting new terrain is obviously IPTV, something that ZOL Zimbabwe […]

17 Nov 2014

14 November Podcast: The ZOL Startup Challenge and the Zim ecosystem

The 2014 edition of the ZOL Startup Challenge came and went with three startups walking away with accolades on the day of the finals. In this podcast we discuss the startup challenge and the impressions it helped shape about the current state of the Zimbabwean tech startup ecosystem. We also discussed what the participating startups […]

14 Nov 2014

What can we expect at TEDxHarare 2014?

TEDxHarare is back in Zimbabwe year, bringing with it its inspired talks, intense conversation and networking for attendees of the latest edition of the global movement. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share experiences in a manner that follows the world renowned TED talks. These TED (Technology Entertainment and […]

Here are the winners of the ZOL Startup Challenge 2014!

We have just wrapped up the fourth edition of the ZOL Startup Challenge and the judges have made their decision. The joint runner-ups for this year’s challenge were: Dream Big: a career guidance platform targeted at high school children ZimboMusic: an online platform for the distribution and promotion of local music. The winner for this year’s […]

5 Nov 2014

ZOL Startup Challenge to explore Zim’s online investment opportunity

The countdown to the ZOL Startup Challenge continues with heightened interest from the public around the various activities that will be part of this tech entrepreneurship showcase. Other than the ten interesting startup ideas being pitched on the day, attendees will have a chance to listen to different fireside chats that will explore important points […]

17 Oct 2014

Infographic: How to succeed in a startup

Success for any enterprise is always measured in various ways, but whatever the perspective any startup founder or team member has of making it, there are certain building blocks that ensure that same success. We came across an infographic from the entrepreneurship and startup resource centre Fundersandfounders.com. It displays fourteen things to keep in mind in […]

10 finalists for ZOL Startup Challenge selected as semis are wrapped up

Earlier today the ZOL Startup Challenge 2014 semi finals were wrapped up thinning down the participating startups to ten finalists. Twenty three diverse business cases were pitched to the panel of judges who listened to solutions that covered various fields from agriculture, e-learning, social networking, online gambling and sports information. In the end the judges settled on […]

The ZOL Startup Challenge semi-finals on today

Exactly two months since we announced the 2014 ZOL Startup Challenge we have already reached the semi-finals which are happening today at Area 46 in Harare. The past 8 weeks have involved engagement with startups and techpreneurs through skills sessions and a drive to demystify the entire process for this year’s ZOL Startup Challenge. Throughout […]

ZOL Startup Challenge 2014 semi-finalists selected

The journey to the ZOL Startup Challenge 2014 finals continued this week as we passed the deadline for applications on the 30th of September with 23 startups being shortlisted for the semi-finals. Yesterday these 23 semi-finalists and the rest of the applicants not fortunate to be considered for this year’s edition were notified. The 23 startups are now […]

25 Aug 2014

NUST to host ZOL Startup Challenge Bulawayo tech entrepreneurship training & meetup

Hot on the heels of a successful ZOL Startup Challenge meetup held in Harare last week. Techzim and ZOL Zimbabwe will be descending on Bulawayo on the 4th of September for the ZOL Startup Challenge Bulawayo tech entrepreneurship training and meetup. Thanks to our partners Sky Hub, we have managed to secure NUST to host […]

22 Aug 2014

ZOL Startup Challenge format introduction meetup a success

It was a night of powerful engagement, insightful talks and network building as Techzim held the ZOL Startup Challenge Harare introductory meet-up yesterday at working space Area 46. The event kicked off the Startup Challenge process as ZOL and Techzim took the opportunity to lay out the new format of the annual techpreneurship showcase. This […]