New Internet Access Provider Calls For Cable Trenches Construction Bids

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

aquivaAbout a week ago, we saw a call for bids for the construction of long distance cable trenches nationwide. The tendering company is called Aquiva. Virtually unknown in the telecommunications industry, Aquiva proudly asserts that they are “set to roll out services soon”. It’s not clear what kind of communication services this “nationwide cable project” will support and “soon” is neither here nor there. But hey, some competition is always a good thing for the consumer so here’s to wishing Aquiva all the success they need on this journey.

Apparently, Aquiva is in possession of a class A telecommunications license, which allows them to do effectively all data and voice communications except mobile telephony. Until now only Africom, Ecoweb, Powertel and Telecontract had class A licenses.

Aquiva’s probably one of the last companies to be issued with a class A license. You will remember that in September the regulatory authority, POTRAZ, suspended the issue of these licenses citing the avoidance of unnecessary duplication of infrastructure as the major reason.

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