No Love For G-Tide Phones On Facebook

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I received a page suggestion yesterday to a not so usual Zimba page on Facebook. One that doesn’t hide it’s feelings for G-Tide. It’s called “I Hate G-TIDE Cell Phones”. First I thought well, negative campaigns are not new on Facebook but I’ll just check it out and leave. But then I looked at the number of fans and stopped a bit.

The page was created yesterday morning (Zim time) and by the time I viewed it in the evening, 51 people had subscribed. I visited it just now to find the fans had doubled to 111!  No mean feat for a Zim page just 2 days old. The viral effect is working against the Tide here!

The page description:

These Phones are not only noisy but not strong and an insult to the Cell Phone World……………if you have a G-Tide cell phone dont take this personal we are not after you.We just dont like your gadget…TOTALLY!!!!:


We don’t know if this is just a disgruntled customer or just someone seriously pissed off with the “noisy” and “not strong” gadgets!

I bet G-Tide Zimbabwe doesn’t know about this. Hey, the guys haven’t even registered the Zimbabwe g-tide domains; evidence they don’t really care much about the internet as a business platform – a big mistake. We did an article on G-Tide last year when they launched their regional office in Harare.

We’ve listed here some posts from the page’s fans:

i got this one from SITHOLE NYASHA.(hanzi G-Tide yakazombonyaudza vanhu mukombi yarira zvikanzi neumwe, “iphone ipiko yarira?”, mumwewo akadaira achiti, “aiwa, haisi phone i G-Tide..)

its nt only G-Tide there is also Derado,H-Tech,Smadal,C-Link imwe inenge yakangonzi BLUETOOTH

if u have a g-tide u are recommended to use a nokia original battery . what a

how irritating is it.U r in a combie the driver is playing ur favorite song RIMWE ZI GENIOUS Rongotanga kuridza Ka G TIDE kake

Hanzi ne G-Tide “touch me touch the world” lol

i would rather own a 5110 than a G tide

funny how proud someone feels with this asian children’s project as a fone.apa ndoo vanoswera vachitiitira noise.Saka Miss G-TIDE vakatopiwa makanyanya iwaya? ma$1 for 10

This fhones are an insult

We’d love to know your experience with the G-Tide phones, please let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Anonymus says:

    Its really noisy my maid has it its really noisy i cant stand it . People at G-Tide need to fix the volumes its really bad

  2. Kabweza says:

    But why don’t the owners just turn down the volume? sure it starts to irritate them too after a while, right?

  3. Stress says:

    i thought it was just at my workplace but it seems G-tide is the new phone of choice for office orderly staff and general-hands in the whole country. yes, you can now cross off “status symbol” as one of the phones attributes,

  4. I hate it says:

    G -tide is an insult for sure.I think the Government should barn G-tide in Zimbabwe………………………..

  5. starvo says:

    zbh shud sell radio licences to people with G-tide

  6. Khalid says:

    i had the 3GS G-tide for 3 months now and i just can tell u i am proud of having it, i never faced any problem during the last 3 months, and i guess i wont have problem, simply i like it … its not an insult at all having G-Tide

  7. Murapa says:

    The sales statistics should tell us which brand has a better satisfaction per $ spent. Let’s be factual rather than being imotional

  8. kabego says:

    You guyz are shallow. Sure mashaya zvekunyora. This is abuse of internet. Find something productive to do

  9. Ghost says:

    you people you should understand the status of possessing of a certain phone is a function of how much income one has. Right now thanks to the gtide, many people now own advanced feature phones. these g-tides are here to stay and they have indeed helped a lot of people to share photos, videos. What matters much on phones are the function, the argument that the phone produces so much noise is crazy.

  10. Pragya says:

    Damn G tide mobile. The most bad moble in this world. just hate it. I have got really big problem with G tide mobile

  11. Thomte17 says:

    salut à vous je recherche le code de sécurité de G-tide v11

  12. Nalin says:

    How can I, connect Internet in g-tide tuchme tuch the world

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