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Broken Promises: Broadlands Networks And Blades of Uncovered Grass

On November 30 2009, we posted an article titled “Ambitious New Telecoms Operator, Broadlands Networks”. In the article, we expressed our reservations on some (now) clearly overambitious statements made by Broadlands Networks CEO, Chemist Siziba in a local weekly paper.

Then, Broadlands promised that there’d be “…no blade of grass that we will not cover in January.” Obviously, this did not happen. It’s March now and I personally do not know of a blade of grass that has been covered. If you, dear reader do, please let us know in the comments section below. What we’ve seen though is the emergence of a row between Broadlands and the telecommunications regulator. The kind of wrangling that starts when things are not in order. You know, the TeleAccess kind of row.

We don’t question the capability of Broadlands Networks to deliver. We don’t question their dream. Indeed, we wish more Zimbabwean entrepreneurs could dream this big and work towards making communication technologies accessible to more Zimbabweans. We just get worried when a company deliberately raises the hopes of the unconnected with statements like “This is a must application of technology for the poorest of the poor” and hasty promises of covering every blade of grass in the country.

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5 thoughts on “Broken Promises: Broadlands Networks And Blades of Uncovered Grass

  1. I totally disagree with Tech Zim’s worries that Broadlands are not delivering their promises. What can you expect of them if the government (PORTRAZ) is choking their endeavours. It’s clear that the government controls competition. So give them time to win their case then we can talk.

  2. To the best of our knowledge, there actually is no legal case against Broadlands Networks. Besides some statements by POTRAZ in an article carried in the Herald last month (which are not legally binding), nobody has lifted a finger to stop Broadlands Networks from delivering on their promise.

    If you have more information, please let’s share.

  3. I agree with Gerald. Not only is the government agency fighting with Broadlands, I have reason to believe that a bigger telecoms company that would lose significant revenue were Broadlands’ dreams to come true are throwing spanners in the works.

    The truth will come out in this matter.

  4. Please can any one of you supply me with the website of this Broadlands company or an email address.
    How can a company with BIG dreams not have a website? As for POTRAZ’s meddling I think you all know what our old govt feels when people show an intention to share information.

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