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Chips Computing Services Wins Best Achiever Award For X3 ERP

Chips Computing Services

Chips Computing ServicesChips Computing Services has won the Best Achiever Award for Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) X3, barely a year after the product was launched in Zimbabwe.

Chips Computing Services, which holds the Sage Pastel franchise in Zimbabwe and is the official distributor of Sage and Pastel products, won the award, which is based on sales, ahead of many other participants from across the world, including South Africa and Australia.

Sage ERP X3 was launched in Zimbabwe in June last year. Although then new to Zimbabwe, it was already being used in many other countries, some of which were competing against Chips for the Best Achiever Award.

Sage ERP X3 is a web-based system aimed at meeting the most elaborate business processes, while remaining cost-effective, quick to implement and simple to use. X3 has been adopted early in Zimbabwe owing mainly to Chip’s success with the SAGE Pastel line of accounting software.

Commenting on the ERP, head of the Sage Division at Chips, Mr Charles Kuyayama said “Sage ERP X3 increases business insight, optimises business processes, streamlines operations, controls financial risks, boosts sales, grows a business, enhances collaboration and reduces costs. Essentially Sage ERP X3 was designed to grow with your business.”

Last week, the Chips Pastel division revealed that they’l be launching Pastel Evolution point of sale and branch synchronisation modules in June.

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  1. Are there training services for individuals, and if available,how much is the cost for ERP cost and management accounting module

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