Weekly Roundup – 27 March 2010

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Telecel Zimbabwe Shareholding

Telecel ZimbabweThe Fingaz on Thursday revealed a new twist to the Telecel Zimbabwe shareholding question. Apparently Telecel International may have to cede more than just 11% shareholding to local entrepreneurs. Telecel International agreed to a POTRAZ requirement in 2007 to give up 20% of its 60% shareholding but it didn’t. Depending on how the inclusive government deals with this,  “The company could be forced to honour its initial deal it signed with Telecel Zimbabwe to offload 20 percent from its current 60 percent shareholding to indigenous players in the venture.”

Zain Ghana introduces mobile money service

Zain GhanaZain Ghana last week, a mobile telecommunication provider in Middle East and Africa, introduced a service enabling subscribers and corporate institutions to send and receive money in the country. The service is called ‘Zap’ and is already in use in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Niger and Sierra Leone. Zap is a mobile banking and payment platform that enables Zain subscribers in “Zap-enabled countries” to use their mobile phone to withdraw cash or pay for goods and services, school fees electricity and water bills and bills of other utilities.

Madagascar connected to EASSy fiber optic cable

Madagascar last week connected to the EASSy submarine fibre almost the same time Kenya made it’s connection. The talk on Madagascar’s undersea connection has somehow be concentrated around call center services. Anybody know why?

Google, China, Human Rights, Business and Sovereignty

GoogleGoogle on 22 March decided to shut down it’s Chinese google.cn search engine.  Traffic is currently being redirected to the Hong Kong Google search page. In response, China has started censoring the Hong Kong search results. China’s CCTV hit back with a comment on their site “…And whether leaving or not, Google should not continue to politicalize itself, as linking its withdrawal to political issues will lose Google’s credibility among Chinese netizens. That, will make Google end up to be the biggest loser. ” There’s been a lot of talk around on how strategic this move by Google is and if it will help th situation at all. Incidentally, a post by Cnet News yesterday says Symantec blames China for being the source of most of the malware in the world today. Whether this is real or just US business ganging your on China is anybody’s guess


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