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Zimbabwe’s Mobile Penetration Doesn’t Stand At A Mere 20%

Zimbabwe Mobile PenetrationCasually reading an article posted by the Herald a week ago, I was met with a statement that made me stop:

…Potential for better returns in the sector is abound considering that the penetration rate by Econet, Telecel and NetOne, largely confined to urban areas, stands at a mere 20 percent in a country with more than 12 million people.

The article, penned by Golden Sibanda, is titled “Zimbabwe: Mobile Operators Get Ultimatum”. It covers the ultimatum given to Zim’s mobile operator by the regulator, to register all active lines by August this year.

We posted an overview of Zimbabwe’s telecommunications here some weeks ago. It’s spelt clearly in the presentation by POTRAZ there that Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate is at least 36%.

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