Econet Officially Opening New Large Call Center Tomorrow

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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is officially opening its new call center in Harare tomorrow.   Econet has built a new advanced call centre to handle increased traffic from its growing subscriber base now standing at more than 3.2 million.

Speaking about the opening, Econet CEO, Mr Douglas Mboweni said that massive growth had increased demand for service and support, which Econet has responded to by building a new and larger facility to field more calls from its customers.

Econet first hinted about this in January when they gave an update on the network upgrade work currently going on. Then, Mr. Mboweni said “you will see vast improvements over the next 6 months, as those systems are implemented.”

The new call centre is housed in a new purpose-built building in Graniteside, Harare and carries more staff than the one currently in use. On the staff side, Mr. Mboweni says “The staff that is manning our call centre has been re-equipped with first-class training to enable them to meet the unique demands of each customer.”

Econet is generally pushing more investment into customer services and we should be seeing the rollout of more Econet service centres across the country as well as investment into technology that improves Econet’s interaction with its customers.

The commissioning of the call centre comes as Econet’s investment into customer care is winning international recognition. Over the past two months, Econet has been awarded the Africa Telecom People Award for best Voice Operator for Eastern and Southern Africa for 2009, and also the Global Award for Perfection, Quality and Ideal Performance, awarded in Germany last week.

On the accolades, Mr Mboweni said: “We are humbled by the recognition. For a Zimbabwean company to be recognised ahead of larger, more globally-recognised operators is an encouragement for us to work even harder to give our customers a world class service.”

Our invite to the official opening tomorrow says “This is a major event at which our massive investment into our customer services systems will be revealed…” So we sure expect to be Wowed there! Pictures of what we see will be posted here and our facebook page, so check back! (UPDATE (08 April 2010): We have since uploaded the photos here)

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