Telecel introduces call-me-back facility, missed call alert, and adds more countries to cheap call destinations

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Telecel ZimbabweThe country’s second largest mobile operator, Telecel Zimbabwe, has introduced the call-me-back facility. The ‘CallMeBack’ allows a subscriber to send a free text message to another subscriber requesting them to call back. To date, only Econet had the facility enabled on its network.

This week, Telecel also extended its ‘cheap’ international calling to 15 more international call destinations in Africa, South America, European and Asian. The number of countries to which international calls can be made at local rates has effectively increased to 23.

Telecel introduced the cheap international phone rate in February this year. The destinations to which Telecel customers have already been able to make calls for the same cost as a local call are the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia, China, India and Dubai.

Now it is also possible to call for the same cost as a local call Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The calls can be made for 25 cents per minute. More reason to consider the 5 Steps To Enjoy Cheaper Mobile Calls In Zimbabwe we posted a month ago.

There’s an exception you should note dear reader: Calls to MTN and Vodafone numbers in the United Kingdom and South Africa, which are charged for at the normal market rate of 35 cents per minute.

Telecel has also introduced the ‘missed call alert’ facility which Econet introduced barely three weeks ago when it re-launched the Buddie platform.

Telecel is fast becoming an increasingly formidable competitor to Econet, who until recently enjoyed virtually unrivalled play in the mobile market. Tight competition sure is good for the customer!

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  1. Eliazer Chikadzi

    Keep it up telecel!! Keep givin us better value than Econet. Lookin forward to per-second billing though.

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