Survey Names Econet the Most Admired Employer in Zimbabwe

IPC Survey Results

In a survey conducted by human resources consultancy firm, Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC), Econet Wireless has emerged the most admired employer in Zimbabwe. Telecel and NetOne also made it into the top 10 at positions 8 and 9 respectively.

IPC Survey Results

Of the 850 survey respondents, 58% say they would not hesitate to join Econet if presented with the opportunity. Number two most liked employer is platinum mining company, Zimplats, with just 10% of the respondents. An indication people really love the Econet. Third, fourth and fifth place belong to Delta beverages (2%), CBZ (1%) and the United Nations (1%) respectively.


The respondents basically say they admire Econet for its generous pay cheques. How generous they are, we really don’t know, but the mobile giant recently posted more than US$ 100m in annual after tax profits and paid out US$ 10 million in dividends just last week. Opportunity for growth was the second highest reason for the respondents’ love for Econet.

IPC Survey ReasonsThe survey was conducted through the IPC email list of Zimbabwean professionals.  About 95% of the respondents are in employment and the rest are part of the Zimbabwe’s 90% unemployed population. According to the results only 31% of the respondents are female.

Of course, with Zimbabwe’s estimated population at 12 million, a sample of just 850 Zimbabweans (already on an IPC mail list) might be considered not fair representation of the wider employable population. It is undeniable though that based on remuneration, career growth and other factors, Econet has generally been considered a ‘good’ employer in Zimbabwe.

It’l be interesting to hear your thoughts on this one. What company (ICT or not) would you really love to join right now? Why them? Please let us know in the comments section below.

The survey results were made public on the IPC website and you can download a copy here.

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9 thoughts on “Survey Names Econet the Most Admired Employer in Zimbabwe

  1. 18 companies in the top 10 hey. what would make better sense (for me at least) would be having the tying companies take up positions after the tie and then leave those positions blank. not sure if i explain myself well but we would end up with just 10 companies in the top 10. That would leave us with Kingdom, UNKI and NSSA at number 8 and last.

    As for the company I’d want to join, that’ll be the Harare City Council. And it’s for the money.

  2. I’d want to join ZOL. Reason: Purely remuneration, all the other factors don’t apply cause, even though ZOL is etching out its share of the internet market, it really is a small company (by numbers). So opportunities for growth are limited and the company is run as such.

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