Zim G-Tide Distributor Introduces New Range Of Local Computers

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Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, G-Holdings CEO
Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, G-Holdings CEO
The G-Holdings CEO, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo

G-Holdings, the official distributor of the G-Tide mobile handset line in Zimbabwe is set to launch its own local line of consumer gadgets in the coming weeks. Teaser adverts of the new gadgets are already appearing the in the local press.

We met with the G-Holdings CEO, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, at the G-Holdings offices in Harare a week ago. Revealing the plans to launch the consumer gadgets line, Gwatidzo confirmed that the G-Tide mobile handsets have been a huge success and it only made sense to expand and introduce some locally branded gadgets for the market.

The new line of G-Holding gismos will all be branded with a ‘G’ prefix and include an all-in-one desktop, some notebooks, netbooks and a smart phone . Gwatidzo wouldn’t confirm the pricing but indicated there’d be different pricing levels for the different target markets. Probably means low income buyers can look forward to something here. Thankfully.

Until now, Nhava has enjoyed virtually no competition in their ‘local branding’ model of PC retailing so far, but that will change.  There was a lot of negative talk in Zimbabwe after Nhava became the first Zimbabwean company to sell locally branded laptops. Most of it centered on whether the laptops were genuine or not. The Nhava CEO himself confirmed in an interview we had with him in May this year that they are involved in the electronic design and component assembly of the laptops. Of course we couldn’t verify this so we cannot say if true or not.

With G-Holdings launching its own line of local PCs, the issue of the PCs’ authenticity will definitely come to the fore again, and both Nhava and G-Holdings have a heavy brand promotion (cleaning) job on their hands.

The accusation from the market (especially the tech savvy and the widely travelled) is that the gadgets are not genuine. This is followed by the unbranded electronics accusation: that all Nhava (and now G-Holdings) does is buy unbranded laptops and desktops from China, slap on local label on them and start claiming they’re selling locally designed gadgets . The fact that unbranded electronics wholesaling is big business in China doesn’t help them much.

Whether buying unbranded laptops and reselling them with local brand is a bad thing is another long discussion for another day. And like the G-Tide authenticity story (another long one on its own), at the right price, most of the users don’t really care. To them a phone is just a phone; If it can play mp3s, take decent photos, take in 2 sim cards and come at an ultra low price, who cares what your definition of genuine is.

We are curious what your opinion is on this. Please share in the comments section below.

Here are a few photos of the gadgets you should look out for from G-Holdings:


  1. Debonair

    Whats the g-tide website? I want to see the specs on these machines.

  2. Christopher Muyaruka

    I really do not envy organisations that have this re-invent the wheel approach – merely putting a G on a device that I know probably contains the usual components i.e. procesor designed from the states, hard drives assembled in China etc is not something to brag about. Tech companies in Zim should move away from all this hardware talk and actually do something that has real tangible benefits e.g. the Maxi-booth concept that was a good idea that can actually have tangible benefits for the common man…. Correct me please if I am wrong

  3. Kabweza

    The gadgets haven’t been launched yet. So not on display yet. http://www.gmobilezim.com

  4. tary

    firstly i would like to commend you guys at techzim for a job well done i am actually impressed at the work you are doing here keep it up.The thing about G-tide is this these guys have come up with ways of doing something Zimbabwean which can be commendable but there is just one problem their products lack originality, to be quite frank they are cheap imitations of the actual which almost everyone knows.I may or may not speak for the average Zimbabwean but for most of us G-Tide needs to do something about improving their brand if we are to proudly say this is a product that came from home to be frank i am actually ashamed to even say that we have a company that makes brand phones for zim, because they are substandard have you ever used one?. all i am saying is this G-tide stop giving use cheap imitations and something original i am not saying stop making those cheap imitations but make something that can compete to an original the same goes to your PC’S. Look at proline or even Sahara or intex

  5. Vusa

    Unfortunately I haven’t yet been exposed to any of these products but my opinion is if they lower the barrier to entry into computing and internet for the average person then I commend them. Personally I wouldn’t buy a high end business machine from a less than reputable manufacturer (I swear by HP!) but when it comes to computing needs for occasional users, learners and kids – I definitely go for cheap.

    If these guys are to remain relevant – their prices must be low, products must have support (drivers etc) and in the case of netbooks/laptops the ability to install other operating systems (read linux 😉 ).

  6. nyasha

    Unbranded Hardware is fine, I think there is space for it. However, if they stop there then all they are is a marketing company not a tech company. So its about vision; as a tech-kind of guy I would like to see them innovate; thus we wait and see what their next step is. Because R&D is not going to China to find the cheapest unbranded product.

  7. juliet musekiwa

    i think this is cool,it’s my first it .well done i do not my having my personal laptop tiwh the big G on top. well done

    juliet from bulawayo zim.

  8. juliet musekiwa

    i think this is cool,it’s my first time to check out this website i do not mind having my own laptop with a big G .WELL DONE MUNYA


  9. Taps

    hie this is a good idea that both Nhava and G-Holdings. Right now i am using a Nhava netbook i have no problem with it. i got it last year yah it might be from China but its working for its purpose. let us support each other in business thats how we start i appreiate it

  10. Malaika

    Guys adding a sticker to a clone made in china is not true inovation. There is still room for inovation if one is to work out better design to suit the african climate,etc… So far the honest truth is anyone can buy a container full of cheap laptops for china without a brand on them and choose to call them whatever…Michael Dell started off selling clones and later on used his knowledge of clones to build good low end desktops and laptops… and recently mobile phones…

  11. Marvsta

    Everyone knows that g-tide is substandard, take a look at their phones for goodness sake. Do you really think that their computers will be any better!

  12. Tich

    There is no innovation that starts from scratch. Every innovation starts from someone. It could be developing on an idea originally thought by someone hence in this case these guys are doing well. Every day that comes there is room to improve on these products. Even the most popular brand today have dad problems before. I am talking of HP, Dell, Toyata, BMW you name it. However as each customer compalaint comes they improve. So I say to these guys keep up the good work. The vision is with you and the vision can only be carried and fullfiled through you. Let no amount of negativity grag you behind. I urge you to take whatever criticism passed here as constructive, use it to improve. There is no problem in having your product manufactured in China as long as you tell the manufacturer the kind of specs you want. Keep up the good work. I have used the G-Mobile phone. Oh, what a brilliant master piece! I certainly wouldn’t mind trying the laptop as well.

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