Pastel launches its Payroll and Human Resources software in Zimbabwe


Pastel’s Payroll and Pastel Payroll Human Resources software are now available for the first time in Zimbabwe, following their launch in Harare on Thursday last week.


Pastel Software Zimbabwe managing director Rob Watson described the Pastel Payroll Human Resources software as “awesome”. He encouraged small to medium-sized companies to purchase both software packages, as they complement each other, although they can both be purchased as stand-alone packages.

The payroll and human resources packages are particularly ideal for those already using Pastel Partner, as data can be readily integrated from Partner to Payroll and Payroll to Human Resources.


Softline Pastel Payroll international channel manager Pierre Badenhorst, channel renewals and registration manager Laurica Kok and international payroll and human resources consultant Adrian Meyer, all of whom are based in South Africa, between them demonstrated the functions of both software packages and answered questions from Pastel users and potential users who attended the launch.

The Payroll software generates payslips based on data such as the category of employee, whether weekly or monthly paid and the tax category into which the employee falls.

Deductions for the National Social Security Authority, other pension funds, pay as you earn (PAYE), Aids levy, medical aid, National Employment Council and any other deductible payments are automatically reflected on the payslip.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority PAYE remittance form is included in the software. The information required on the form is automatically entered on it once Payroll has processed the month’s salaries. It can then be printed and submitted to ZIMRA.

Bank transfers, for those who opt to have their salary paid into their bank account, can be automatically generated as well.

Pastel Payroll makes the job of auditors and accountants easier too, as it provides accurate information and answers to questions or queries that commonly arise during an audit.

Pastel Payroll can be installed as a single user product for the smaller company but is scalable for up to 10 users for a large company and can accommodate an unlimited number of employees.

Demonstrating how the Pastel Payroll Human Resources software works, Mr Meyer explained that it has the same look and feel as Pastel Payroll and can be synchronised with it, on one computer.

Pastel Payroll Human Resources enables companies to benefit from focusing on the outputs and information derived from the software rather than the inputs. Easy to use, it helps businesses comply with labour regulations and avoid costly wrongful dismissal cases.

It provides a formal employment contract template. It enables performance reviews to be done regularly. It simplifies disciplinary procedures. It can process 66 typical disciplinary scenarios, each with its own offence level, indicating the required disciplinary procedure from verbal warning to written warnings and final written warning.

Any relevant document, whether a scanned document, audio or video recording or photographic material can be linked to an employee’s disciplinary record.

Pastel Payroll assists auditors by producing a list of current employees, their names, surnames, employee codes, job descriptions and salary values, as well as a list of total net pay values per month for comparison against bank statements and a report detailing net pay per month and whether it was paid by cheque, in cash or by bank transfer.

It also produces a breakdown of pay as you earn (PAYE), National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and national employment council (NEC) calculations per month.

The human resources software makes it easy to track company assets held and used by individual employees such as company cellphones, laptops and vehicles. The purchase date, original purchase price, replacement and disposal dates can be recorded, as well as whether the asset needs to be returned to the company on termination of employment. Pictures of the equipment can also be linked and stored.

The two packages, Pastel Payroll and Pastel Payroll Human Resources, provide a comprehensive system for managing all payroll and human resources functions.

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