Possible Econet Data Bundle Prices Revealed


We just received an update on our Twitter feed from an alert Twitter user, Tafmak, with details on the new Econet pricing for the data services to be announced 2 days from now.


Here’s the Twitter screenshot:


At first glance all we can say is that the prices look steep. Very steep. Econet of course hasn’t made any official announcement, so we’re trying to tell ourselves these are not the packages to be announced. Still, seeing the announcement is just two days away, there’s not much hope in that.

We did the *140# thing to confirm the info. Try it and see. Maybe try buy as well and see if you can surf. Let us know what happens.

UPDATE (18 Oct 2010: 2000hrs): Seems Econet just turned off the *140# code for mobile data services. We’ve been trying it and all we get is “Request not Completed”. We think it’s been turned off because other access codes (like the *125# for credit balance inquiry) are getting processed. We hope this means those ridiculously high prices are not the real tariffs.

UPDATE (19 Oct 2010: 2253hrs): *140# has been turned back on. Sadly the prices remain the same. Starting to get really worried here.

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31 thoughts on “Possible Econet Data Bundle Prices Revealed

  1. They are struggling with numbers, They are just presenting the customer with the actual cost of the service. For example if they are paying SEACOM high fees for bandwidth… they will in turn charge the customer high fees to make a profit. You also need to remember that they are also paying intrest on the money borrowed to build the infastructure.

    Econet’s business model has never been pro customer… from the time they started they have always taken the customer for granted…

  2. I’m extremely disappointed and disgusted!!! i just bought Ecoweb’s 4G WiMax modem two months ago, and it was not cheap, but it was a pleasure to finally have internet that ‘worked’ and was also uncapped, which i thought was a fair deal since the modem cost $175 and the monthly subs cost $115, then all of a sudden, I go to pay my monthly subs, and I’m told i have to go to ECONET and pay for one of those ridiculous packages!!!!

    Now firstly, i did not go to ECONET to sign up for anything, i went to ECOWEB, at no point was i informed that the service i had bought and paid for would be changed. now someone might say ECOWEB and ECONET are one and the same, but i recall trying to pay my subs at an ECONET office and was told that i could ONLY pay at ECOWEB!

    Now to my thinking, that’s like selling someone a Harley Davidson motorcycle and then when they go to collect they find a shiny new mountain bike!

    Its nothing short of outright con artistry… the hand is quicker than the eye!

    I would gladly give these people back their equipment and take my money back, but i have a feeling this would be like trying to squeeze orange juice from a stone.

  3. maybe we should boycott this econet broadband thing we want real internet at affordable prices not the current one that is for no brainers who spend their MB on fcbk

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