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Of Social Networks . . . . And Work

Digsby Screenshot

DigsbyA visit to an internet café in town just gave me a reminder of how much Zimbabweans love social networking. I had just read an article on TechCrunch about the social web and how it might not be surprising to hear about a Facebook browser (fancy that). Anyway with all this Facebook frenzy around I just thought I would add a few tips, for all those guys that love social networks but are at work. Imagine your boss coming into your office seeing you on Facebook!! You love Facebook, Google Talk etc., but just can’t be seen chatting or browsing because you are at work.

Well don’t despair good people I have met 2 discrete apps I would like to introduce to all those who don’t know them yet.

I first met Digsby when I was still a student in college and boy did I love this little handy tool. Digsby in general integrates all your social sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) plus all your email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo), Instant Messaging (Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, etc.). You basically add these accounts put in your password and it automatically connects. You can have multiple Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts managed by Digsby. In the event that you receive an email it gives you a pop-up to alert you and when you click that link you are taken to your email account. How convenient!

It gets better. This little tool also manages to integrate all your instant messaging accounts; I managed to put 2 Google talk accounts plus a Yahoo Messenger account. So basically I have all my chat messages coming from one application instead of having multiple applications running on my PC.

Digsby Screenshot

And it keeps getting better. For all of you guys who are into Facebook, this is an answer, first it allows you to log on to Facebook see the latest posts from friends, you can comment, like, etc. It also allows you to post to your Facebook wall, all this from a tiny app with an icon on the corner of your PC screen. (It does not even look like Facebook so if your boss were to come in well . . . . . .)

The best part for me is Facebook chat, it allows me to see who is online, and to actually chat with them, as long as you are logged on to chat on Facebook all your friends will see you as online. No wonder people say I never get off Facebook. So basically I have Facebook email and chat all in one tiny little application.

If you are into social networking this could be your thing. Did I mention that you need to log in only once so whenever you boot your machine it connects automatically to all these services?

I have used other Facebook & Twitter clients & multiprotocol instant messaging apps but for me, Digsby stands out!

The second option I liked is a browser that’s been around for a while but to be honest I only tried it recently and I loved it. It’s called Flock; it’s based on Chromium, the same platform that Google Chrome is based on. Well the whole idea behind Flock is to create a social browser that once you are logged on there no need to log on again when opening other sites like email and Facebook. It has this great sidebar that shows you your Facebook wall. I loved this browser! Download it and try it out. I will examine Flock in detail if I when we look at browsers in future.

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8 thoughts on “Of Social Networks . . . . And Work

  1. this just a thought, but would it not be a good idea to add the external links in your posts…it saves people having to go search around for digsby

  2. I have been using Digsby for years now I just wish one year they will have a Skype plugin then I will be complete. As for browsers I will keep Firefox as I like to grab videos and other multimedia files from web pages using Orbit Grab++. Will try flock in a few minutes.

  3. Hey Michael, great to have you as a long-time user! We would love to add Skype but right now their API requires Skype to be open in order to use the service. Definitely plan on tackling this problem though!

  4. I’m a chat freak. My job requires me to be contactable via chat all day and sometimes at night. I have been using Nimbuzz for like 2 years now and it does just great!

    I have all my chat accounts (Skype, Yahoo, WLive, FB and 6 other clients) in one place. I can send files and voice messages to my chatmates, and work stuff too through this app. Works for me so much i got it on every PC i’ve got or ever used and every other phone i have which can run it. I’ve also tended to encourage my team at work to use it rather than have multiple pages open – it reduced my total bandwidth demand by 38%, that’s a significant save. They post and receive notifications via FB email (loads the inbox i know – i limited the size any inbox can hold, so they are sticklers for deletion of non-essential inbox material), so i have safely blocked FB with no prejudice to anyone.

    But still, thanks for the heads-up on Digsby, i will give it a thorough trial.

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