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The Winners Of The 2010 AfricaCom Awards

AfricaCom Awards

AfricaCom AwardsIf you have been following Africa tech news lately, you’re probably aware that the annual AfricaCom Awards ceremony was held yesterday in South Africa. For those of you reading about AfricaCom the first time right now, AfricaCom Awards are like the Grammys of Africa’s telecoms industry and this is the third year running.

Well, the award winners for this year were announced last night and we thought you’d find the information interesting. There are ten award categories and the most innovative of the continent’s telecommunication companies take the top spot in each category.

And maybe just to say, Zimbabwe telcos did not feature anywhere among the winners. We didn’t even feature on the shortlist. Surely, Econet deserves a place in Best Network Improvement category. No?

Here is the list winners:

– New Entrant of the Year: Orange Tunisie

– Best Network Improvement: MTN South Africa for Optimal Network Coverage

– Best New Services: Comviva with Mobile Data Platform

– Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa: Dark Fibre and The Fibre to the Tower

– Green Telecoms Award: Flexenclosure and E-site

– Best Solution for Rural Services: Orange France Telecom with Village Phone

– Best Marketing Campaign: MTN South Africa and the AYOBA Campaign

– Telecoms Innovation of the Year: Sibesonke and User Generated Content

– Best Pan African Initiative: Gateway Communications with High Quality Connections

– Changing Lives Award: MTN Foundation for Rural Telephone Project 3000

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3 thoughts on “The Winners Of The 2010 AfricaCom Awards

  1. “Surely, Econet deserves a place in Best Network Improvement category. No?”

    Absolutely NOT! Not a chance! Zero! Econet recently discovered a new life of business they are doing super well in, free life insurance. Let’s all vote, shout out loud for them to be on the list of contenders for the Free Life Insurance Emmy’s Awards. They have my vote in that list hands done. As for them being even considered for AfricaCom’s luminaries? Don’t insult our intelligence!

  2. You must hate these guys ! Surely, i don’t see anything wrong with Life Insurance. I think they are the only company that has managed to bring in Value added services on the market, though i admit half baked, but they try ! LOL.

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