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Some Pictures From The Econet Experience Expo

The Venue

We’re just from the Econet Experience Expo that’s being held in Harare. It’s an Econet only (well, and Econet partners) exhibition which started yesterday and is due to end tomorrow. I thought we’d just go through the exhibition and come back quickly. I was so wrong. There’s so much there to see it’s easy to spend a couple of hours just moving from one stand to the next.

We took a few pictures of the exhibition. A few videos too, but you know it’s a struggle to upload one. Here are the pictures:

people surfing
Some school kids surfing the net. Econet had tens PCs available for people to sample the recently launched mobile broadband.
Econet employees explaining the @home broadband package
Econet Solar Shop
We were surprised too. Apparently Econet is going to launch solar shops. more pictures of the products below. 
A solar charger
A solar charger on display and at the Econet solar shop. 
solar bulb
A solar powered bulb. These products are going to be sold under the brand Econet Energy. More on this in a future article.
ZTE stand
The ZTE stand. ZTE does a lot of background telecoms tech work for Econet.
solar powered mobile phone
A solar powered mobile phone. Handy for our never-ending power woes
Transaction payment systems. Another Econet partner specializing in the electronic processing of payments
TPS stand
Some electronic payment devices at the TPS stand
Liquid Telecom
Econet technical partner, Liquid telecom. Liquid is doing the fibre work
Fibre backbone
A diagram of the fibre network backbone Liquid Telecom is working on
An Econet employee teaches a boy how to play a Nintendo game
Some visitors at this stand playing an XBox Game
These two guys from the Churchill Pipe Band entertained visitors today.
The Apple stand. Nothing much to see here. Just a guy with a MacBook minding his own business. Kind of a disappointment as we know some people would have really wanted to sample Apple products.
Want to work for Econet? Here’s a stand you need to visit before the expo ends.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

6 thoughts on “Some Pictures From The Econet Experience Expo

  1. My friend Nelson whats up at the Mac stand, where are the other apple products? very colorful, very good econet keep it up.

  2. Did they explain their extortionate broadband prices? I thought that was the main idea behind the expo!

    So today I went and bought $40 (200M) on my buddie line that came with the EDGE modem I bought mid last year. I didn’t want to buy a new modem as I am doubtful of Econet broadband, so I am still on that EDGE modem. The Pluses: It’s fast even on the old EDGE modem, don’t even bother buying a new 3G modem if you still have the old EDGE one. Another plus: I can connect from my linux desktop! Very very important for us software developers who work primarily on/with linux; something I have failed to achieve with the Africom modem.
    The negatives: PRICE! PRICE! PRICE! Now get this, since my data is on a buddie line I have to periodically top-up by buying some airtime otherwise all services (including internet connectivity even if one has sufficient data bundles to browse) will be halted. If I use the words I would really like to use to describe how I felt when the sales guy told me this Techzim will edit my post as they did the last time. I wasn’t amused!
    Now let’s see if there is free bandwith after I have used up my 200M. The whole point behind the purchase.

  3. I’m just sooooo happy to be online again. I came back home in August and my cry and prayer was for the internet… fast.. at home, and in my room! I can’t wait till prices go down as well.. But for now at least I’m no longer isolated from the rest of the world.

  4. I think Econet employees were tired on Saturday, they were a bit ignorant. The Apple display was so dull, there was one computer and 2 guyz,who probably new little abt Apple, and I ddnt expect so little. Econet shld invite better companies to enlight their display!

  5. You must install VMWare for Linux or any prefered virtualization software and then install windows in the VM and install all your internet connections in it e.g. Africom then use internet connection sharing to use it with your Linux.

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