A Few Years From Now, It’ll Just Be Facebook

Facebook's Dominance

Facebook's DominanceA lot of people I know, less tech savvy relatives and friends especially, have Gmail or Yahoo email addresses they don’t really use. Well, except to sign into Facebook.


Roughly half of these people are in Zimbabwe, and the other half in the Diaspora. The common denominator with all these friends and relatives is this; almost all of them created their first email address in the last 3 years. And the reason they created it was so they could sign up for a Facebook account. They didn’t need email, they needed a social network. Essentially, Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, is just a gateway to Facebook and not the service they want.

Today, Facebook will announce a significant milestone in its bid to take over communication and social interaction on the Internet. There has been speculation about what the actual announcement is but indications are that Facebook will release an advanced email service to compete with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.


If this is true (which it most likely is), the need for an external gateway to Facebook that my friends and relatives currently have to put up with will vanish. Facebook will be your email and social identity in one. How convenient! And remember, there’s a formidable Bing-powered search engine doing web searches on Facebook currently. Facebook will be the total Internet solution so to speak.

Your internet home will be Facebook, and going forward there will be less and less need for you to leave Facebook for another web service.

Remember 2005? A big number of people who started using the Internet around that time didn’t even know what AltaVista was. They didn’t need to. Google could do everything they wanted to do on the Internet.

Today, people are getting introduced to the internet on Facebook. They only use Google (or Yahoo, or Hotmail) services to create an email address which they never really use beyond signing into Facebook. They can make all the communication they need with friends and family on Facebook. They can search the web on Facebook.

A few years from now, Google will slowly become the AltaVista of the Internet. It’s headed that way, unless Google disrupts it aggressively.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, Zimbabwe’s Internet penetration rate in June this year was 12.2%. This means the bulk of Zimbabweans are yet to get access to the Internet. Going forward, it’s not hard to imagine when these unconnected Zimbos get connected, Facebook is all they’ll know.

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32 thoughts on “A Few Years From Now, It’ll Just Be Facebook

  1. The mere fact that FB started as a social networking site will mean that it will take sometime for it to dislodge Gmail! Would I really want to change my Gmail account of 6years for the sake of having a Facebook account? NO. Will I take a person applying for a post using a Facebook account? NO. Will I really consider FB to take care of my files and organisation emails…the answer is a big NO! So yes it might be popular in social circles but for serious professional guys, it wont , so the best they can do is to take away some few socialites from Gmail which to me will just be a minor dent!

  2. Google is eons behind as far as social networking is concerned..ever heard of Google flops?remember that not-so-good-looking google phone..that was a terrible attempt.they are better off doing mail,search,maps n stuff..u rily think they can beat facebook at their game?..col them n give them your “brilliant idea”.

  3. When we had Google as the webuzz the sensitive ones screamed “Security”.now facebook is taking the beating.but seriously, joe how many business people use email for sensitive info and confidential transactions?i know there is a lot of hoot on tech sites about facebook being so insecure.i dont think so!ever heard them talk about twitter,linkedin security?do u think harvard grads would leave your mail open to a Google search?cmon i heard they are smarter than that, so is Mark! im using service as soon as its launched,then the rest of the half-a-billion will follow..

  4. In my opinion, facebook will dominate even google. Last year traffic to facebook overtook traffic to all major google sites combined including google search, you tube and gmail. Advertising with facebook is much cheaper and more effective than google’s adwords. To cap it all, google even confessed that facenook is the only competitor they fear on the internet. Google wont go away, but facebook will just dominate

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