Nhava To Launch Tablet Device In A Couple Of Days

Tinashe Shangwa
Tinashe Shangwa
Mr. Tinashe Shangwa, Nhava CEO

Back in May this year when we last visited the Nhava offices, the Nhava CEO Mr. Tinashe Shangwa told us the company was about to launch a new tablet device named the Maestro in a matter of weeks. Well, the Maestro didn’t exactly come in a matter of weeks. But a couple of days ago, we had an opportunity to chat with Mr. Shangwa at the Nhava Avenues offices and he had some news for us.


The Maestro is here. The CEO says the device will go on sale in a matter of days with a price tag of US $499.

On features, the Maestro spots the typical tablet look and netbook brains; some 1GB RAM, Intel Atom N270 processor running at 1.60 GHz, a 160GB hard drive, a 1.3 megapixel front facing webcam, 3G connectivity and multi-touch.  The device will ship with a any flavour of Microsoft Windows 7 depending on the buyer’s needs.


We played with a Maestro for about an hour and were left with somewhat mixed feelings. We loved the portability and the multi touch obviously. The experience leaves you wondering if we still need netbooks. We also loved the ultra-light weight, it’s easy on the hands.

What we found a bit on the negative is the heat that comes out from the left underside of the device. Holding the tablet with the left hand while operating it with the right in the most natural position to hold any tablet meant putting up with a lot of heat on the left hand. It was uncomfortable.

Other than that, we can’t say we used it long enough to give a fair opinion on the other things so we just won’t.

Here’ are some images of the Maestro tablet:

Nhava Maestro

Nhava Maestro

Nhava Maestro

Nhava Maestro

Will you consider getting yourself the Nhava tablet? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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62 thoughts on “Nhava To Launch Tablet Device In A Couple Of Days

  1. Unfortunately I wont be in Zim anytime soon Could you posibly post it on You Tube and I can get a few pf my guys to review it also.

    Please not “In contrary to other shallow minds, Critics make a product and they sieve out the chuff from the grain” We not haters we are product evaluater and forward thinkers we adress issues CEO have to inform the oublic. We are simply the ROCKGEEKS marketing guys cant talk ___ to”

  2. So you basically providing a 2 in 1 solutions. well that makes sense considering what many ZW guys need. So on the pricing is it anything in between the two or its simply a fully fledged PC price with the benefit of portability?

    Well I would ask is it what the ZW markets are up for, Fully fledged Pc pad. In terms of price? Im sure you would do well with a less speced machine at a very low price its all Zimbabwe needs having the cheapest device with the most decent capabilities. Consider a student at Varsity who is so in need of a laptop and cant afford a pc they can do away with a cheaper alternative right?

  3. I would have loved to have you as my better half 🙂 . Thats the only valid point I have heard In a while on this post all these guys are up praising and talking nonsense over things they dnt kno. These devices look exactly like China devices I will always say that There is no PCB manuctaring plant I know in zim not even a PC assembly plant I kno as from when I left Zim.

    “we are not that desperate to get inferior products” You are so very right they taking it like that simply coz many people aren buying these Nokia Phones.

  4. What does Maestro mean. Well apart from having many stupid product lines and names this one is one of the most Irelevant or them all Maestro is an Italian word meaning Teacher and is comonly used for extreme respect given to a master musician.The term is most commonly used in the context of Western classical music and opera.

    What then is your point on calling a PC MAESTRO. Gues it comes with a Piano, DVD, HOMETHEATOR, GUITAR AND A FEW OF THOSE POLICE BAND INSTRUMENTS.


  5. Nhava is not wrong but a suport system termed V-Tech eish vakomana vakomana musatidaro let me just show you what that means in a few links not from my Mind. I have a product called v-Tech myself its a Phone I know of a car series called vTech and I know were vtech comes from 何处购买 or in probly the Chinese they comunicate with you in “WÄ›i yì dá” gues they told you how to read that right. Its a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of consumer electronics. I can add they make computerized educational toys for children NB TOYS 4 CHILDREN

    Simpy put get a Nhava and lets meet at V-TECH with your computerized educational toy for children

    If you want more about that you can get hold of me on my email address.

    “Remember never be afraid to be wrong coz u will never be right”


  6. tell the difrence. Prove your point and dont run away from my comments face them.

    After that can you answer me my question. DO YOU MAKE THESE DEVICES OR YOU HAVE AN OFFSHORE SUPLIER SIMPLE.


  7. Okay now youre arguing just for the sake of it. Why not criticise ‘Apple’ or any other major company. A name does not determine a companies success. It seems as if you sir have a personal vendetta against the nhava corporation. If you have something that you are unhappy about, I can put you in touch with the guys at the top there otherwise please congratulate them for the effort that they are at least trying to make.

  8. Who said I dont kritik Apple I contribute on most forums and Tech Blogs they know me as NerdGr8 Check me out on Cnet Wired Tech Cruch Silicon Cape.

    In actual fact Im a top Apple kritik start anything about Apple and I will jump on you as long as you don’t have quite valid points.

    I don’t have at all any beef with Nhava dont be too quick to Judge. I only c a few things they have to address. Im a top Kritic about anything on the web and please dont take me lightly Im certified to make all these criticks. I criticize from Operating Systems, MID devics, Computing Devices and all things programming.

    “A name doesnt determine a companies success” Please stay away from marketing I would like you as a Finance Guru. A name hold the message to the consumer its better having a meaning-less name than a name that means something. Like I noted when they are thinking of names they should also consider us the learned 🙂 who understand what these words mean.

    Thanks for offering to get me intouch with these guys unfortunately I wont have anything to tell them as such, all i need are answers at the moment. Thanks bro.

  9. Just to come in a bit here. And I’m not saying the Nhava products are great or that they invented them? They surely did not.
    But hey, how is this robbery?
    When the OK Supermarket buys some unpackaged polony from Colcom and packages it with an “OK Value Brand” package, do you feel OK is robbing you? Surely not. Why do you feel so in this case?

  10. nice question if OK goes and get the inferior polony(CHEAPEST AT WHOLESALE PRICE),that most people dont want then i will say the are robbing us,why not get the best put yo brand name and enjoy the profits.well if you think getting or selling low cost staff fro china and put a high mark up is good cool but i still think its a bad business approach.

  11. Hey wasup Mregi. Iam R. Chidembo’s son and as you may know we have a majority interest in Nhava. We have invested figures that will blow your mind in this company and your comments clearly seem to be undoing our hard work. Criticism is always essential because that whats makes you improve but please be more fair in your judgement and wait until you have actually seen and used the device youreself. Thats a basic necessity for being a critique dont you think? Thank You.

  12. Thank you Nyasha. You have a very valid point. I have used Tablets before I used to have a Eurocom Tablet Pc and have had my hands on a few on a review basis. I am not arguing about the device I am trying to make them focus on the right spot so they succeed. Them claiming they make the device is a losing strategy everyone in this world will never believe that. They talking the worng things to the public and in turn causing up to pick those things up.

    Take for example me Mregi I start my own rebranded Tablet line through comisioning a Chinese home based factory, they get me the devices with my Brand “Jongwe” (please dont use that name its mine :-)) I come straight from China I dont say anything about me making the device I simply slot into the market with a cheaper device and off i go selling my Jongwe I will sell more with honesty than with a lie. No company will ever try and develop PCB in this world when China can do that It only increases your ioperating Overheads. Why should they want us to think they Make the devices when we all know Apple comicions out moulders in China so does all other companies, they dont make anything as such. Can nhava be the only one in this 21 century to make their own PC’s .

    Mr CEO the winning strategy is not lying about the original process the winning strategy is not saying anything about it. Simply sell your products without talking about you manufacturing the devices, I have been in busines as an entrepreneur and Honesty is key.

    I can analyse your investment with my little Financial knowledge I can tell and forsee what will hapen with your product line. Im not against Nhava but im trying to help you guys see were you went wrong. You sold only 500 devices in a year thats an average of 1.x devices a day. Someone who comes from China with his custom comisioned and rebranded product can sell more than 50 every trip without claiming alot of stuff simply talking his business and doing his business.

    Well here is the error. When you in business never mention the unecesary. Apple and Hp has offshore outsourced plants to chinese guys but they never talk about it we all know about it but they dont need to explain what doesnt matter. If you are a startup once you mention some traces of China Hood you have broken the egg if you do and try to stick to your error.

    Good leadership admits its wrongs. Cell-C CEO gave us an apology after we had jumped on a lie we saw about 4G. He came out and gave us an apology and now we suport Cell-C for its honesty to us the people.

    Many Zimbabwean have been made to only receive like dead corpse they believe in anything as long as there is alot of money involved, Im not one of them i respect ideas said in Honesty.

    Lastly please if you dont come out with the perfect truth then never say things you cant stand up to. I WISH SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN AFTER THIS and Ahoi please stop trying to explain things we all know its either you admit and adress the issues in a better way or we build up competition with the errors we see and come down there for you in full force. If this doesnt get adressed be sure to receive something on You-Yube many kno me from my Media-24 days. Im an Advocate for good ideas

  13. Its lies baba you are being robbed of your precious U$D 500 which populates to too much money on something that is marketed on all lies.

    Im sure you go with me that they did not invet these devices and they do not make these devices. Kabweza you are one of the few that are getting my point but let me make you understand my point here.

    “When the OK Supermarket buys some unpackaged polony from Colcom and packages it with an “OK Value Brand” package”

    What OK is doing is not wrong at all. OK knows how to market their product they kno people kno they cant make this polony thing and thy dont talk about it or use the words that imply they make it. They simply tell you they have a value product. We all kno OK rebrands most of their products and we aint concernd they dont say a lie about it. These guys aint robbing me at all I will never purchase such a device at all there is nothing to it that they are telling us. They dont have a website they dont have a proper review Im sure they ran in losses they cant afford even a template website in Microsoft Word pssshh .

    They are telling us lies about their products and Im not one of those Believers when it comes to my Field. Ther are lying to you guys I qoute the lie:
    “At 2010.11.05 15:17, Venum Inc., said:

    John, let me explain the difference between our off-field rivals, Venum Inc., (Nhava Global design company)is responsible for both Processor Architect Design and PCB Design and therefore we orient the positioning and performance of our products, which no African brand is doing currently.”

    Read that again and come back to me. These guys are claiming they are into Processor Achitecture design something only Intel and AMD do unless these guys have engine sized prototype I dont kno of any Zimbabwean guys as of now who is involved in Nano development. There is the lie. Thats were their are robbing us of the truth.

  14. Chido wakapenga Umstwembu sisteri Hai hai hai Sis you awsome. Im happy atleast there is someone who has better eyelashes on. These guys are being invested into simply to bring Shit in large amounts ndochii ichocho.

    “GETTING THE JUNK INTO OUR COUNTRY MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.” thats one valid point in many fooled brothers. I like I like.

    Well from what I c these guys have simply ran into high marginal loses and Mr Investor is simply saying niggers get me my money back. So since they perfomed fatally bad for an IT company besides launching an IT company with a suspended website which I think was also unpaid 4 hosting. Selling 500 units is an individual sellers standard who cant sell that much laptops without even rebranding check how many Gtides sell in year.

    If its local let them empower the people not empowering the CEO and having the people pay way too high for the devices real value. If they want to clearly call that Youth empowerment let them recoginse the university students that need these devices and cant afford 500 bucks which cant get you an HP not a Nhava. If its local then make it affordable to the locals why start a company when you dont understand the real needs of your market. Hazvidadisi kuva ne company zvinodadisa kubatsira vanhu vako ne company yako. Dont try and be Apple in a land were people dont even get Bread betee be their bread

  15. Unfortunately these Guys have the only IT company that makes computers and doesn’t have a Website and Im sure the reason Mr Venum inc hasn’t been around the blog is Econet is still too expensive to let him browse. Well Im sure you can get our only CEO thats active on FB thats they contacts page psshhhhh or simply look up the CEO’s name in the directory im sure they are using their home number for their business cards

  16. Sir please be more specific in what exactly you would like Nhava or any other related party to do for. Us as the Chidembo’s have an extremely broad and diversified business portfolio but we treat every company with similar imoportance. Plans are already at an advanced stage to complete the commisioning of a new manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe to make us a truly Zimbabwean ICT Group. As a businessman you need to understand that these things dont happen over night and therefore with time, prayers and an improving Zim eceonomy we will be able to achieve greater heights.

  17. I like the way you put it. Mr Nyasha Im happy you spotted an oportunity but what I would pesonaly like you guys to do is simply provide us with the right information simply that.

    I am inspired by you simply being a Chidembo although I hear about you guys Im yet to know more about your portfolio apart from the ones I read in the Nhava article. You guys have done a good job emporing Mr Tinashe I would now like to see you guys looking at Empowering your local markets. I cannot disclose my ideas as of now Simply revisit all my comments and see the positive in my negation reflect on that and redraw the lines.

    Do not under estimate the power of you only competitor G-Tide those guys are open and no one gives anything bout it.

    I want you to go out there admit you lied to the public in saying you are involved in Processor achitecture a field none of you employees has even the least knowledge on. I want you to revise your relationship with your consumers and get to understand what they really need and at what price and how exactly you will deliver to those needs in what form and under what name. Make them understand you are Nhava the company that doesnt rip its locals for business but the Nhava that empowers the locals through afordability, quality and the bigest of them all “INNOVATION” which you truely need. IT uptake is being hampered by such ridiculous prices over cheap products. We know they are highly cheap products inferior i should say. Your best bet is to have an aforadable product truely innovated for ZW.

    Get hold of me on Skype so I can explain things better. I wont lie if you dont revise your strategies we will c you move down under G-tide

    add me on skype: nerudo.mregi

  18. I am not currently on skype but your concerns have duly been noted and I will bring it up with the relevant individuals. We are involved in a number of both listed and non- listed companies. Due to issues of privacy the non-listed assets cannot be mentioned but on the ZSE we have major interests in companies such as Meikles and ZECO amongst others. We are open to empowering the youth who are able to approach us with profitable business plans as we believe that it is this generation that will successfuly lead the resurgence of the Zimbabwean economy to its former glory.

  19. Well guys, I have been following Nhava and just read all of the comments above. I admire the ambition of these guys but at the same time I feel that they need to be honest with what exactly they do. Much ado about Maestro. Do they have a patent for this product? If you write your name on a banana, does it become your invention? The Blackberry tablet (PlayBook) will sell for less than $500, and the iPad already sells for $499. In the absence of transparency on exactly who makes these abridged laptops, this is an intellectual fraud. Yes, it heats up because it is a laptop with not enough breathing space. The ergonomics are totally off the grid. This is reverse engineering.

  20. You are right its Reverse Engeneering Ku hacker.. Like your banana example. They dont have all the things you mentioned No patents well how will thy get a patent they ddnt invest anything here Nhava itself is for Tuku m i lying? 🙂 kungo taura hangu.

    Ergonomics is a utter failure although ther are claiming the new fanless processor will eliminate the heat I know of thinner laptops that are ergonomically engineered to desipitate heat in the most efficient way they never heat up even with these Fan_FULL processors.

  21. First off I’m all for being critical especially of local products but as a marketer by training I have come to learn is to hold off until you have cold hard facts. A lot has been said about Nhava by a number of ppl in previous comments. Alot of these comments, both positive and negative, have no basis what so ever. Any critic of a product should only be made after a comprehensive trial with an operational unit. A brilliant example of this is the magazine PC Format. All this nonsense about the supposed deficences of the Maestro based on 3 pictures and an hour of usage is absolutely ridiculous. I totally agree that unless the guys at Nhava can back up thier claims they must retact them but apart from that they have done absolutely nothing to deserve the critism that some have heaped on their product. As for the issue of the naming of this product I think Mr Nerd was way off the mark. The word Maestro not only means teacher but denotes mastery in ones field. To the ordinary customer, who is the most important person here, maestro means master and exellence and to a marketer that is the pinnecle. Most of Nhava’s customer’s won’t have sleepless nights because maestro is Italian for music master teacher.

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