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ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Businesswoman of the Year: Rudo Mudavanhu

Rudo Mudavanhu

Below is the full description of the achievement of ICT Businesswoman of the year award winner, Rudo Mudavanhu. The text has been posted here unedited.

Rudo MudavanhuRudo Mudavanhu went into ICT straight from school and started as a programmer. She has grown in the industry since MS Dos was the thing as an operating system. In paces she has developed from a programming person, to hardware to networking to telecommunications and the products that you can spin off these technologies.

In Africom she has been a team in Project Management. She has been leading the Sales & Marketing Team and now leading the revenue growth team. She has worked in Africom in various capacities managing projects selling solutions, growing the business and today as Africom turns a leaf into a telecommunications company, she is sitting as the Chief for revenue strategies and business growth. She is also actively working in the resuscitation of City of Harare Highlands Library through the use of technology.

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  1. What can we say. We give glory to the Lord to know someone, yet indeed in a moment to realise that they are more than what you thought. I see His glory in this. Congratulations for the well deserved award. Maxlaw Abraham Ali.

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