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Econet to switch on fibre as early as next week

Econet Broadband

Econet BroadbandOn Tuesday this week, Econet announced that it has connected the SEACOM optic fibre cable and is ready to switch on once the green light is given by the regulators. Well, we have more news on that today.

A credible source tells us we might all be enjoying this fibre sooner than we anticipated; if all things go according to plan, Econet is likely to switch on its fibre network as early as next week. Our source tells us the fibre network will be available for homes, businesses and other telecommunication firms.

Same source says ZOL, Zimbabwe’s biggest ISP, has already bought itself some wholesale bandwidth and will be ready to push to its clients once the network is switched on.

Currently, most of Zimbabwe’s internet traffic flows through PowerTel’s overhead optic fibre connecting to a BTC node in Botswana. The Powertel fibre has had its fair share of downtime and when it does go down it effectively grounds the whole Zimbabwe.

This will change. Together, Econet and PowerTel will provide the much needed redundancy internet connectivity should have.

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17 thoughts on “Econet to switch on fibre as early as next week

  1. You could actually see trenching and towering going on as one drove from Harare to Beitbridge.
    Now if could confirm with your source how soon prices will be revised downwards to beat all the competition that really is the news we are all waiting for. Ideally before christmas so that we all can really have a true and merry broadband christmas for a change!

  2. Thats great news!, will be in Zim from the 20th to the 2nd, so I want to experience what Econet calls broadband.

    “if it isn’t cheap, then it should be fast…”

  3. This is great news and must mean that some internet cafes like my favorite one (Khuyanet Internet Cafe at Batanai Gardens) will be able to offer it’s clients even better packages! Khuyanet is doing a good job of providing fast internet in a very executive environment but this news should mean they can offer clients longer business hours etc I want to see them open one or two days for 24hours.

  4. if econetsi want me back thy shld offer me an uncapped connection for 25us just like the good old days

  5. Well I can’t hide my excitement at hearing this news but then again my spirits are quickly dampened by the likely monoply Econet now has over Zims credible internet backbone!

  6. It seems everyone is connected including tel*one wena! So i don’t expect much to change because they are running too fast or rather putting the cart before the horse; how can they introduce broadband when they haven’t introduced simpler things like mms?

  7. potraz should force these network companies to
    reduce prices
    allow cell number portability
    cellular and internet companies to interconnect.

  8. What would be the likely scenario once its switched on? Lowering of their data prices or maintaining their prices but now with fast internet speeds?

    From a technological point of view, there really should be a huge benefit factor if not more for the company itself but for the consumer as well.

  9. My expectations and excitement at finally getting broadband have been dampened! The week has gone past, are we likely to have a Xmas gift? Please update us Techzim, or has there been a hiccup?

  10. …hold on to your horses mean guys,in Zim,soon means anything,meself,don’t expect the Seacom project before June 2011,they have been on it forever and ever,innit?…meantime,Econet will continue to RIP us off until the very 11th sec….wat a letdown,imho!

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