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Press Release: Zimbabwe Internet Entreprenuer Launches website to profile Orphanages

Richwell ManhingaRichwell Phinias, renowned internet marketing consultant and the co-founder of has partnered with a number organisations in Zimbabwe in an innovative ICT project meant to give hope and support to more than 2 500 children in at least 50 orphanages in Zimbabwe starting this Christmas. developed a website christmas2009 where people with access to the internet across the country and over the world are submitting profiles of orphanages which are in need of various levels of assistant in their operations.

Details on each submitted profile includes such critical areas like contact details, number of children at the centre, people involved, owners or trustees, needy areas, wishlists, projects, volunteer needs, location and any other information that could be used to find development partners.

This information in turn will be accessed on the internet through the Normally donors, volunteers, well wishers and the corporate community are now using the internet when looking for charity projects and programs to partner with. With this initiative then we will be seeing more than 50 orphanages having websites and being on the internet.

As an incentive to encourage people to submit profiles between now and the Christmas period, the partnering organisations are providing prize vouchers that will be given to users who submit the most comprehensive profiles.

The submitted orphanages also does have something to smile about this Christmas as will be distributing Christmas presents to more than 2 500 children in the 50 orphanages.

Richwell Phinias through previously worked on a joint initiative with Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Vanessa Sibanda and other partners in sourcing donations for Manhinga Village Children’s home in Rusape. The success of this project which involved a comprehensive website ( inspired him to then look at developing a wholesale website for more than 50 orphanages so that they are not left out from opportunities availed by information and communication technologies.

With the increase in computer literacy, internet access by introduction of more internet service providers, 3G internet and donations of state of the art computers across the country. The internet is becoming more and more rlevant as a marketing platform. utilises tools on the internet to market organisations, brands, artists and businesses on the internet.

Tools like social networking websites eg facebook and twitter are becoming prime spots when mapping out and implementing effective internet marketing strategies. The website is a starting point for local companies in creating online business profiles.

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