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Telecel to offer Blackberry services

Over the past several days, we’ve been getting some interesting information from people close to Telecel regarding data services. Some of the information is very much public; like the fact that Telecel has extended the data services trial to more subscribers.

Apparently, a lot of Telecel subscribers got SMSes from the operator that said they were going to get free mobile internet services as part of a wider test roll out. The last time we communicated with Telecel, back in October, we were told data services will be launched “early next year”.

There other information is more interesting. We got this from a colleague and it’s yet to be confirmed by Telecel. It’s interesting enough we thought we would share it. According to our source, Blackberry will be going live on Telecel soon. Apparently Blackberry services would have come sooner but the delay was caused by a situation where some Indian company was bidding to offer the service.

Blackberry is a suite of integrated hardware, software and services providing an always-on connection to business and consumer applications including email, phone, intranet, Internet and SMS. Blackberry is mostly considered a mobile business productivity tool but Blackberry devices are popular as consumer gadgets as well.

If this goes through, Telecel will become the first mobile operator to offer blackberry services in Zimbabwe. We have written to Telecel to get an official comment on this and will be providing more information once we get it.

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10 thoughts on “Telecel to offer Blackberry services

  1. I think econet has to shift into consumer oriented mode! Mtn is gonna give them run for their money! Normally, I would wish econet well since its home grown. However, competition is good for consumers, … so, go mtn go!

  2. salvation 4 us blackberry users!!!! Lets hope Telecel will offer us reasonable rates for mobile internet though…

  3. Let Telecel bring on the competition, the telecoms and ICT sectors badly need it. When RIM introduced the blackberry phone there were very few smartphones on the market back then. Now there’s a plethora of smartphones on the market and many of these, Android and the iPhone are beating Blackberry in sales. There’s nothing special anymore about the blackberry as there was a year or so ago. Google’s Android operating system found on Samsung, Motorola and HTC smartphones now surpasses the blackberry in features and performance.

  4. Yeah Rite have Telecel even got a few people that are qualified to run RIMs software ( Blackberry) and what about the handsets i seen no flagship Blackberry store an Telecel selling BB handset how much with the inflated prices on handsets in ZIM? check the critirea on Blackberrys official website cause Tlecel would have to go into partnership that i doubt with a ban in Zim on BB server

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