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And we’re back!

Finally, we’re back online. Problems with the site started today last week and it’s been hectic all week moving to a new web host in South Africa. We faced a few hitches during the move. But it’s all done now.

A few things still need some fixing. The comments system for example. We’l also use this time to fix in some features readers have been requesting.

Again, we’re sorry for the downtime, and we promise (well, our new hosts) to work harder to keep the lights on.

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3 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Would you care to share why you chose an external hosts? Why you moved(without mentioning names). I imagine you have lots of good things to say about the underpriced, feature-rich, maximum admin control, more-than-FTP for transfer and all the bells and whistles of local hosting companies….


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