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Telecel mobile internet access ‘satisfactory’

Telecel ZimbabweFeedback acquired by TechZim from Telecel Zimbabwe subscribers who have been selected to test the Telecel mobile Internet platform launched towards the end of last year has been mixed.

One excited subscriber told us that he could not stop sending emails on his phone. “I’m so excited about being able to send emails from my phone. This is great,” he said.

Another said that he started using the platform in November last year but found that the speed was not as fast as expected. “It’s satisfactory,” he said.

One Harare woman who works for an NGO said that her father had just this month come onto the mobile Internet platform and had excitedly called her asking for her email address. “I was shocked as I never expected him to be on email,” she told TechZim.

Telecel is one of Zimbabwe’s three mobile networks. It is the second mobile operator to offer cellphone based Internet access after Econet became the first to do so last year It’s not clear though when it will make the platform available to all of its subscribers.

The mobile operator is on a rapid growth path and where it was once in the undisputed third place in all aspects- coverage, network services and subscriber base, it is now competing with NetOne for second place in many aspects including the innovation department.

Last year in May it announced that it had reached a million subscribers.

Then in December they launched a service which enables customers to withdraw or deposit money at partner stores using their mobile phone as a means of recording the transactions. Just this month they have started advertising a new partnership with Kingdom Bank that will see subscriber being able to sign up to have their account numbers becoming the same as their phone numbers to more fully integrate the phone and bank experience.

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12 thoughts on “Telecel mobile internet access ‘satisfactory’

  1. thanks for thr article. your comments are really from people who are not tech savvy and cant be a basis to say the service is satisfactory. they are excited that finally Telecel has joined teh bandwagon of mobile internet but nothing really to convince anyone that the service is satisfactory. Issues like stability, speed, coverage etc should be taken into consideration before coming up with such a conclusion..

  2. Everything falls back to the user so if a user says its good then i guess thts good enough..i come from a software development background and wat the user wants and wat he says is fine then its fine

  3. the connectivity is not bad but sometimes it dos cut which can be a big worry if they are to say its perfect for now its far from such. one minute you are happy and the other you wish you go back to econet connection reliability is the question can they make it reliable and increase the speed for the final product.

  4. Just received this from Telecel.
    “Please note, as we finalise our trials for 3G, all data services are now being charged at USD0.10 per MB w.e.f. 01 May 2011. Call 150 for more info.”

    WOW!! What say ye, Econet? Price wars serve customers very well.

  5. Telecel’s internet according to my own perspective in terms of speed is satisfactory.l’ve been using it for the past three months.l think you Telecel guys need to work on one or two things inorder to improve your service.

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