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The Computer Society of Zimbabwe holds its AGM

Atwell Mukusha

This week, the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) held its Annual General Meeting in Harare. At the meeting the CSZ president presented a report of the societies activities for the past 18 months. The society’s treasurer also presented his financial report.

It was announced at the event that the 2009 -2010 CSZ president, Atwell Mukusha, has been reelected for another term. The vice president of the society is now Lee Taaziva, an IT expert currently working for Old Mutual.

Atwell Mukusha
Atwell Mukusha, the current president of the CSZ

In his report Atwell Mukusha introduced the attendees to what the society stands for and how it is involved in some national forums (‘fora’ for some of you) and bodies like the National Economic Consultative Forum, Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers, National Manpower Advisory Council and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

The president also highlighted that the society, in 2010, staged its annual Summer School event successfully and participated in the ICT Africa exhibition organized by the Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe.

For his part, the treasurer presented what the society collected in membership fees and how much was spent in the year. Your typical not -profit brief accounts. In response to the report, an attending member pointed out that the society needs to relook at the funding model and try to reduce dependency on the ICDL. To explain here, Zimbabwe’s ICDL foundation hosts the CSZ’s secretariat; most if not all of the CSZ’s day to day operations are done by ICDL employees.

One thing notable at the AGM was that only a few people attended it. We were really just a handful. Look at the picture below just to have an idea of how small the group was. Of the hundreds of CSZ members in Harare, only a few chose to attend the AGM.

The CSZ AGM attendance

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9 thoughts on “The Computer Society of Zimbabwe holds its AGM

  1. Had a look at the web site and wonder what do you mean “website is need a touch up from some from techzim”?

  2. not limited. all interested IT persons can join. And participate. including worrying about the security of the website. the society is owned by the membership and non-profitmaking. the leadership is all voluntary non-paid members. if you are zimbabwean and in ICT, do some homework; find out why you are not the one spearheading the establishment of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe for the industry’s benefit like in other countries…

  3. I guess if the commitee members had put as much effort as they do to Summer School more memebers would have attended the AGM.

  4. In 2003 I approached the Computer Society of Zimbabwe wanting to launch a Software Developers Equipping programme whose purpose was to give Open Source Java, PHP, C++, and other web based technologies – FOR FREE, in colleges, hence why I sought their consent. They turned be down especially because I was an IT drop out. I now own a web publishing company, have written technical papers, lectured IT, and am going strong on the “help a student developer” programme without their support…

    I just have one question for you…WHAT HAS THE COMPUTER SOCIETY DONE FOR US and for ZIMBABWE?

  5. I once made a presentation at one of the CSZ functions sometime back. I think they are doing a wonderful job especially administering ICDL and the summer schools but benchmarking with other societies from countries aboard there is room for much to be done,. I think they should host a non-members’s conference and ask for ideas no certain activities

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