Some photos from the Research & Intellectual Expo in Harare

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We attended the Research & Intellectual Expo organised by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. There was much to see and learn. Some of it information technology related and the other technology applications in Agriculture, food sciences and such.

We post below a few pictures we took at the event. We will follow up some interesting projects we saw at the event and post what we find here.

The Zimbabwe Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education

The Zimbabwe Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Expo entrance

University of Zimbabwe Computer Center

University of Zimbabwe Computer Center Stand


School of Technology

The University of Zimbabwe School of Technology stand

Solar Cooker

This is a solar cooker, made out of cardboard box painted with aluminium paint

a solar parabolic trough

A solar parabolic trough made at the faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zimbabwe

sun tracker and solar parabolic trough

A University of Zimbabwe Agricultural Engineering student explains how a sun tracker enables the solar parabolic trough to 'follow' the sun light

The Sun Tracker

Another view of the sun tracker. This device uses water transfered from different containers to tracker the sun's movements. It then moves the solar parabolic trough (behind it) to face the sun.

A solar vegetable dryer

A solar vegetable dryer displayed here by the Harare Institute of Technology

Solar Vegetable Dryer

Another view of the solar vegetable dryer

Traffic Lights Controller

Traffic Lights Controller designed by R. Mukau, a student at the Gweru Polytechnic. The controller uses low cost endogenous technology


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