Survey results show there are few women in tech careers

IT network cabling - Women in tech

Last week, one of Zimbabwe’s largest employment agencies, CV People, posted the results of a salary survey on its website. The reports can be downloaded are here. Reading the ICT Jobs report, there’s really not much surprise in terms of remuneration for techies and techie managers. If you’re in Zimbabwe, the figures are just what you see and hear around everyday. Average salaries of about US $700 for shop floor technical jobs and average around US $1,300 for managers.


More interesting is percentage of women in the ICT profession. The number is a lot smaller than I thought. Look at these few examples:  only 5% of network administrators are women; 5% of Telecoms technicians are women; 17% of IT managers are women; Systems engineers, Computer technicians, IT Support officers, Web developers, IT consultants al have less than 20% women.

IT network cabling - Women in tech


The only position with a significant women percentage is the Systems/Business analyst with 36% percent. IT Audit Managers, Systems administrators and Developers also have a bit more women than the other positions; 27%, 25% and 23% respectively.

And just so you view this data in the correct context; this information was extracted from data submitted by job seekers to the CV People database. It’s hardly an exact reflection of the profession; but it does give a pretty good idea of what’s out there.

Below is summary of the data. We just picked out the most interesting information. The full data is available on the CV People website. The full analysis comes complete with scatter diagrams, pie-charts, histograms and such. And if statistics are not your strong point, there’s an explanation of the statistical terms used in the survey report.

Position Minimum

(US $)

Maximum (US $)Average (US $)ModeMale %Female %
IT Graduate Trainee1009603832007525
IT Lecturer/Trainer1001,6004202008119
Computer Technician1003,0005543008911
IT Support officer2002,5006843008218
IT Administrator1002,5005904008515
Network administrator1002,500713800955
IT Systems Administrator2002,1008185007525
Systems/Business Analyst1652,0007895006436
Systems Developer1505,0008418007723
Systems Engineer1521,8009367008614
IT Aduitor/Audit Manager4472,0001,1175007327
IT Manager1503,5001,1048008317
IT Consultant1503,5001,249800937
Web Developer1001,5006203008713
Telecommunications Technician2503,5001,332400955

We would love to know your opinion on this. Why do women prefer to be IT Auditors, Systems developers and Business analysts? Is it these are ‘smarter’ tech jobs, away from the screw drivers and network cables in the server rooms? Are men naturals with the hands on server room stuff?

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14 thoughts on “Survey results show there are few women in tech careers

  1. Its that simple, network/server jobs are very physical, and though this tends to happen whilst installing rather than maintaining (the bulk of the work), part of a good training exposes one to the physical aspects ie crimping, drilling, trunking – that stuff is nasty, and is a “don’t go there” warning particularly if you have cutex on your nails. Development/Consultancy/Analysis almost never have a physical side.

    Nice picture of the 1841, that is a classic ISR!!

        1. GNS3 is the big boy of emulators (its not a simulator) especially if you can get the 7200 IOS, its limits are only on switching.

    1. I think it’s actually these kind of attitudes, rather than the work itself, that put women off working in these areas of tech. There’s no reason to think that women can’t (or won’t) do drilling and trunking but a lot of men (and some women) believe this to be the case so they discourage (implicitly if not explicitly) women from applying/training for these kind of positions. Zimbabwean tech could do with a bigger pool of talent to pick from so it’s worth considering how more women can be attracted into all fields of IT.

  2. I managed to download and open the Information Technology / Telecommunications pdf, i guess you may need to update your adobe reader to version 9 or better

  3. I have been around the ICT industry a while now. I have come across women professionals but very few are worth their salt. I wouldnt want to believe its to do with physiology or aptitude, but really it is the attitude shown by some that is appalling. they do not want to learn, so they cant work and all they do is spend time on facebook and on skype. Some have the temerity to actually do long voice calls talkig gossip. given that most places now have open setups it really sucks to have someone next to you who does no work and actually gets into the way

    1. Your statement should read very few of the few that I have met are worth their salt. Let’s not paint everyone with the same brush. I know and have worked with A LOT of women who are very good in their work and some men who are only good at cheap talk and carrying equipment, in IT.

      Sloth is an undesirable characteristic in both men and women, attributing it to one gender is pure malice.

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