Press Release: Zimbo Jam to launch mobile site

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Zimbo JamZimbabwe’s leading arts, culture and lifestyle website, Zimbo Jam will on Tuesday March 1, 2011, officially launch the mobile version of its site. The launch ceremony will be simple; The Zimbo Jam editor will stand in front of the Econet offices in Harare’s First Street and at 1330hrs on the day Tweet: “Zimbo Jam mobile is launched. Snip, Snip.”

The “Snip, Snip” will be the sound of a virtual scissors cutting a virtual ribbon.

The reason behind holding the official launch at the Econet offices is simple; to honour the telecoms giant for leading the way when it comes to mobile telephony in Zimbabwe.

There have been no invitations sent out for the launch but anyone who wants to bring their phone along and tweet the celebration is most welcome.


The mobile version of the website goes up today, February 18, 2011 (bet you’re thrilled Shona Tiger and Chipo!). It is still in its beta stages. Zimbo Jam has been working on it since the fourth quarter of 2010.

Zimbo Jam editor, Fungai Tichawangana could not hide his excitement about the new development; “With over 400 000 Zimbabweans now using mobile Internet locally and hundreds of thousands more in the Diaspora, we have seen it fit to introduce a mobile friendly version of the website. We have had so many people asking us when we would introduce this and this is our response.”

Zimbo Jam continues to grow in leaps that would clear any Harare pothole each time they happen. The site now gets about 2 million page views every month and the team expects this to double within the twelve months.

“We expect that within twelve months the desktop page views on the site will double and that the site will be getting over a million mobile page views. Within two years we envisage that we will be receiving more visits on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops,” said Tichawangana.

The great thing about the Zimbo Jam’s mobile site is that you don’t need to type any special address to access it. When you visit the site from a mobile device it will automatically detect this and send you to the correct version of the website.

Zimbo Jam press release


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  1. Debonair says:

    That makes sense… seeing as a lot of people surf the net from their phones, and they need something better suited to their small screens… and with less graphics and multimedia. Good job!

  2. Bingo says:

    yeah good job, i noticed also that before the econet broadband website was hacked it had a mobile version, now it doesnt!

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