POTRAZ gives mobile operators a month to compile registered subscribers’ data

POTRAZA Zimbabwe government weekly reports today that the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has allowed mobile operators another month to compile mobile line registration data before they start disconnecting unregistered lines.

This, POTRAZ says, is in response to a request by mobile operators for a three month extension of the deadline citing need to ensure all mobile subscribers that registered close to the deadline are not disconnected along with those that just never did.

POTRAZ didn’t give the requested 3 months and says “we told the operators that it was not possible to allow them to capture their subscribers’ details in three months but we agreed to give them one month”


Last week, POTRAZ communicated that it had given mobile operators the green light to disconnect mobile subscribers once the compilation of data was completed. This was before the operators approached the regulator with the 3 month extension request.

The directive to register all mobile phones was issued by POTRAZ last year with an initial registration deadline of 31 August 2010. Most mobile subscribers did not meet the deadline, forcing POTRAZ to extend it to 28 February this year. With the latest developments, it’ll be April before any unregistered mobile lines are disconnected.

For those that hadn’t registered yet, this is also a chance to do so.

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